Polaroid launches 7-in Android tablet for kids

As part of its effort to rebrand and rebuild, Polaroid has launched an Android tablet aimed specifically at children.

Polaroid plans stores to turn your photos into art

Polaroid - which in the era of the smartphone camera has been struggling to survive for some time now - is aiming to persuade customers that the proper place for photographs is on the wall.

Polaroid introduces Android camera

This isn't your grandma's digital camera.

Lady Gaga unveils line of Polaroid products

Wanna capture your next Bad Romance on film? There's a camera for that, and it comes to us from Polaroid and Lady Gaga.

Polaroid is back...With 3D glasses!

The bulky Polaroid camera - like bell bottom jeans and leg warmers - has (thankfully) been relegated to the trash heap of embarrassing fashion faux pas.