Two moons need names - and SETI wants your help

By tradition, the moons of Pluto have names associated with Hades and the underworld. But there's plenty of possibilities to choose from - and the discoverers of the planet's two tiniest moons are inviting the public to name them.

Dwarf planet Makemake found to be airless

Unlike its bigger sister Pluto, dwarf planet Makemake doesn't have an atmosphere, new observations have revealed.

Pluto spacecraft may have to dodge orbiting rocks

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft - now just two years away from Pluto - is on a riskier mission than previously realized, thanks to the threat posed bty the planet's moons and possible rings.

Hubble spots fifth Pluto moon

NASA has confirmed the discovery of a fifth moon orbiting the icy dwarf planet Pluto.

Dwarf planet Eris may be smaller than Pluto

Eris - the dwarf planet that led to Pluto's demotion from planetary status - appears actually to be smaller than Pluto after all.

Fourth moon discovered around Pluto

Quite by accident, astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a fourth moon orbiting the (dwarf) planet Pluto.

Hubble reveals best pictures yet of Pluto

The latest set of pictures from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope provide the most detailed images yet of Pluto.