Playstation Vita to launch in Japan December 17

Sony will manage to get its newest gaming handheld out by the end of the year, despite earlier concerns raised by this year's earthquake and tsunami.

EA praises PS Vita over Nintendo 3DS

While Nintendo's DS handheld absolutely trounced Sony's PSP rival, EA exec Frank Gibeau sees a reversal of fortune in the next battle between the two companies.

Sony doles backhanded insult to Nintendo 3DS

The lack of success for Nintendo's 3DS system may mean jeopardy for Sony's 3D gaming efforts, but apparently Sony has a justification for that.

PS Vita getting hammered with negative publicity

It's still months before Sony's new handheld is due out in the US, but it's already not heading in a good direction.

PS Vita will not come in 2011 after all

Sony has quashed rumors of an early fall US release date for the Playstation Vita, leaving its ardent fans disappointed until 2012.

Rumor: Playstation Vita coming October 28

The first credible report of a specific launch date for the successor to Sony's PSP system has surfaced.

New videos of Sony's Playstation tablets pop up

There are new videos showing off what will be the world's first "Playstation certified" tablets.

Early Playstation Vita demos a mixed bunch

We just ran through a quick tour of Playstation Vita titles, and found a range of awesome to clunky.

Sony gets booed at NGP AT&T announcement

Sony spent the first part of its pre-E3 press conference in damage control mode, but it was another announcement that caused the biggest crowd reaction.

NGP rumored to be renamed Playstation Vita

Sony may start referring to its next handheld system as the Playstation Vita.