Pac-Man joins Street Fighter. Say what?

Although Pac-Man and Street Fighter are two of the most iconic video game franchises of all time, we never really envisioned a world where their paths would cross.

PS3 hacked to expand PS Vita control

Ingenious hackers (there are never too many of them) have managed to expand what the Playstation Vita is able to do.

Sony praises Nintendo 3DS success

The Nintendo 3DS has what is perhaps an unlikely supporter.

AT&T announces Playstation Vita 3G plans

To enable anytime-anywhere connectivity on your Playstation Vita will cost from $15 to $25 per month.

Netflix support confirmed for Playstation Vita

These days, it isn't an Internet-connected device if it doesn't offer Netflix streaming.

6.5 million Playstation devices sold during holidays

Sony is bragging about its strong holiday season, saying more than 6.5 million "Playstation" systems were sold during the end of 2011.

Playstation Vita not even close to 3DS sales

Even though it's the new kid on the block in Japan, the Playstation Vita is still being outsold by a margin of six to one.

Playstation Vita gets another firmware update

It hasn't even been out for a month yet and Sony's new Playstation Vita is already getting a second firmware update.

Sony issues Playstation Vita apology

After a firestorm of complaints surrounding the launch of Sony's new Playstation Vita handheld, the company has responded, and is once again forced to eat humble pie.

Japan Playstation Vita launch experiences bugs

Gamers in Japan who absolutely, positively had to get a Playstation Vita on launch day are finding themselves in a frustrating situation.

New Vita details expose limitations

The Playstation Vita will be quite a powerful handheld gaming system, by all accounts, but there are some things it won't be able to do.

New firmware primes PS3 for Vita

You may be asked to download a new firmware update the next time you try to take your PS3 online.

Playstation Vita memory card prices will be high

If you're a fan of overly priced proprietary media formats, then you'll love the new storage medium for the Playstation Vita.

Report: Vita will play all PS3 games

The "Remote Play" feature that gave PSP users limited connectivity with their PS3 will be greatly expanded on the Playstation Vita, according to a new report.

Sony offers UMD owners small consolation on PS Vita

If you have a huge library of physical UMD games for your PSP, Sony is prepared to offer you a deal...kind of.

Sony's mobile Playstation Suite grows wings

Sony has begun giving developers a beta version of its software development kit (SDK) for what will be its future mobile gaming presence.

63% of PS3 owners want a Vita

It appears Playstation fans are loyal fans indeed, as nearly two-thirds of existing PS3 users are planning on purchasing the new Vita handheld after it launches early next year.

Playstation Vita due in US February 22

Sony's next-generation portable gaming console will be hitting the US and the rest of the world on February 22.

PS Vita 3G downloads capped at 20 MB

Apparently you won't be able to do a whole lot with the 3G connectivity included in Sony's upcoming Playstation Vita handheld.

US retailers list PS Vita date as Dec 31

 Amazon and Gamestop have both listed Sony's upcoming Playstation Vita handheld as having a launch date of December 31.