Sony might unveil 20 games at E3

It looks like Sony might be preparing to wow E3 attendees just through its sheer number of product announcements.

PS One Classics coming to PS Vita

Despite a seeming lack of interest in backward compatibility for Sony, it still loves its PS One library.

Skype lands on Playstation Vita

Sony's newest handheld gaming system just got a little bit cooler.

Playstation Vita hacking continues

Despite Sony's best efforts, hackers continue to break into the Playstation Vita.

Sony teases free Playstation Vita apps

Sony is teasing a few new reasons for you to go out and buy a Playstation Vita.

Playstation Vita already dropping to record low sales in Japan

Sony's latest gaming handheld is not doing well in Japan, and that likely represents a lack of interest for the device worldwide.

Playstation Vita firmware pulled, re-released

Sony yanked its most recent firmware for the Playstation Vita.

Vita games yanked after Sony discovers exploits

Sony has pulled two downloadable PSP games from the Playstation Vita after it was discovered that they contained potentially damaging code.

Playstation Vita hits 1.4 million unit sales

The Playstation Vita is chugging right along.

Sony boasts 90 million PSN accounts

Tens of millions of people have taken their PS3, PSP, or Playstation Vita online.

Playstation Vita: 1.2 million served

Sony's new portable gaming system has reached the seven-figure mark, and then some.

Sony admits to Vita memory card flub

Sony has admitted that it was wrong when it planned the distribution of Playstation Vita memory cards.

Playstation Vita launches in US, with memory card angst

The Playstation Vita goes on sale in one of the most important video game markets today, but if you actually want to take advantage of the system you'll need some extra cash.

Sony hints that Vita OS might head to smartphones

Last year, the smartphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson managed to make a comeback in the market by switching exclusively to Android.

275 PSP games will be downloadable on Vita

As had already been revealed, a whole bunch of PSP games will be available through the Vita's digital download platform. Now, Sony is giving a partial list of those games.

Playstation Vita 'Passport' program won't come to US

The program that allows owners of physical UMD PSP game to download the game on their Vita for a substantial discount won't be coming to the US.

About that digital download PS Vita discount...

It was recently revealed that Sony will offer a discount on games that are purchased through the Playstation Vita's online store rather than at a retail store, but is the discount enough?

Sony patent points to Wii U-like controller

It seems Sony likes the idea of an advanced game console controller with an LCD display and sophisticated functionality.

Playstation Vita games already on sale

Gamers in the US won't be able to buy a Playstation Vita until February 22, but that doesn't mean you can't start buying games.

Playstation Vita downloadable games will be cheaper

In an effort to encourage gamers to go digital and ditch retailers, Playstation Vita titles will be cheaper for those who decide to download them.