Elusive PlayStation Phone gets previewed

The elusive Sony PlayStation Phone - henceforth known as the "Xperia Play" - has finally been captured and reviewed.

Sony Ericsson has high hopes for 2011

For many in the US, Sony Ericsson is kind of like Sony's half brother. Sometimes you think of it, sometimes you don't, and you hardly ever invite it over to Thanksgiving. But that's going to change this year, as the mobile company is all grown up and eager to impress.

Video: PlayStation Phone gets Resident Evil treatment

The supposedly "non-existent" Android-powered PlayStation Phone has been caught on video running PS classics Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer.

Leaked PlayStation phone photos really whet the appetite

So, we didn't hear a single darn official word about the so-called "PlayStation phone" at CES, but it just so happens that during the week of the biggest trade show in the world, someone happened to post a whole bunch of photos of the device, and even a video.

Sony eyes spring launch date for PlayStation Phone

Are you hoping that Sony will officially launch its enigmatic PlayStation Phone for the masses at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show next month or the Mobile World Congress in February?

Will we see the PlayStation phone at CES? Signs points to no

CES. It's the world's launching pad for everything cool and noteworthy in the technology industry. But Sony seems to already have enough on its plate as it is, so it will not be showing off a PlayStation-centric mobile phone as many had hoped.

Super clear video of alleged PlayStation phone let loose

As rumors of an upcoming "PlayStation phone" hit a fever pitch, there's now a new video posted online that shows a clear, succinct look at the device in action.

Sony Ericsson axes Symbian from smartphone lineup

Sony Ericsson has unceremoniously axed Symbian's rapidly declining OS from its future smartphone lineup.