The Gaming Exec Exodus

While it’s often hard to tell how the gaming market can do, we at TGD think this could be a strong year for games, even with the market’s often abrupt transition periods. And there may be more change in the air as gaming shifts from physical consoles to streaming.

Is Gaming Finally Back?

Anyone who follows gaming knows that the market has a lot of ups and downs. While some pundits have said that the market hasn’t been in the best shape, even with huge successes like Call of Duty, a new report tells us the gaming market could be finally be back, big time.

Console Sales Are Up Thanks to PlayStation 4 and XboxOne

The console wars really heated up during the holiday, and as we reported here on TGD, there was a surprising twist in the new year. PlayStation 4, who were originally behind in the race, ultimately came out ahead. Where Xbox One was considered a more versatile unit, the hardcore gamers helped drive PlayStation 4’s sales to the top. 

And the Winner of the Console Wars Is...

We’re now almost ten days into the new year, and the verdict is in on what we’ve been calling the console wars between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And it’s a bit of a surprising verdict, because one console was definitely ahead of the game a month ago, but the tortoise may have beaten the hare this time. 

PlayStation 4 Looking To Gain Speed This Holiday

Okay, so Xbox One is the current leader in the console wars, but Xmas is just around the corner, and this should be the real test for who comes out the winner. In fact, Sony’s making a big push to try and bring PlayStation 4 up to speed. 

How Technology Fared on Black Friday

I think all of us knew that Black Friday would be a big day for technology, and it was certainly a crucial day for the console wars. What were the best deals on Black Friday, and who came out the winner in the console wars?

Xbox One Sells Out First Day On Sale

Xbox One just came out on November 22, and it completely sold out, sending a strong shot across the bow in what we call the console wars. Xbox One is trying to appeal to more people than gamers, and even though it costs $100 more than Sony PlayStation, it looks like Xbox One has reached their goal. 

Xbox One Goes For Wider Appeal

So the console wars have officially started, and even with the factory defect issues, PlayStation 4 got off to a great start, selling a million units the first day in stores. This week, Xbox One will hit stores, and where PlayStation is trying directly for gamers, Xbox One is striving for a wider audience. 

Playstation 4 Sells a Million Units First Day

We just reported here on TGD about the post launch problems with the PS4. But, on Black Friday, November 15, Sony released PlayStation 4, which is a hundred dollars cheaper than the Xbox One, and it did well. So, let's applaud the good start so that we are not labeled haters.

AMD is the common (silicon) denominator for consoles and PCs

AMD dominates all three next-gen consoles: the Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4.

Sony's Playstation 4 isn't limited like Microsoft's Xbox One

During an E3 press conference yesterday, Sony confirmed that its upcoming $400 Playstation 4 console will not be limited by the same hobbling restrictions as Microsoft's Xbox One.

Video: PS4's DualShock controller gets up close and personal

Sony has released a new PlayStation 4 video teasing its upcoming DualShock controller.

Sony exec touts strong PS4 launch lineup, talks hardware

Unlike previous Sony console debuts, the Playstation 4 (PS4) is expected to hit the streets with a "strong" launch gaming lineup.

Why the Xbox 720 (Next) will win the console wars

Although official hardware specs have yet to be published by Microsoft, the Xbox 720 (Next) and Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) are likely to be somewhat evenly matched in terms of hardware. As such, the battle for supremacy will likely center on other aspects besides raw horsepower.

Not even a (belated) price cut can help Nintendo's Wii U

Nintendo may have released it's next-gen console almost a year ahead of Microsoft and Sony, but it is quite clear that most core gamers are waiting for the Xbox 720 (Next) and the Playstation 4 (PS4).

Everything is "balanced out" on the Playstation 4 (PS4)

Guerrilla Games technical director Michiel Van Der Leeuw says Sony's long-awaited Playstation 4 (PS4) isn't hobbled by "performance bottlenecks."

No backwards compatibility for the Xbox 720 (Next)

The industry has long suspected that Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 (Next) would not be offering backwards compatibility with older 360 game titles.

Sony Playstation 4 wins praise from game developers

The Playstation 3 may have offered gamers plenty of raw horsepower, but the last-gen console was notoriously difficult for coding devs.

Atari founder in Playstation 4 (PS4) smackdown

Outspoken Atari founder Nolan Bushnell believes Microsoft will triumph over Sony in the upcoming console wars that will pit the Xbox 720 (Next) against the Playstation 4.

Microsoft's Xbox 720 is "aligned" with Sony's Playstation 4

A prominent French-Canadian video game designer has confirmed that Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 (Next) will be "aligned with what Sony announced."