PlayStation 4 Looking To Gain Speed This Holiday

Okay, so Xbox One is the current leader in the console wars, but Xmas is just around the corner, and this should be the real test for who comes out the winner. In fact, Sony’s making a big push to try and bring PlayStation 4 up to speed. 

Xbox 360 owners excel in bed

XBox 360 owners are the the best in bed, a survey has found.

Sony eyes console wars film

Console wars? What on earth? Is that a Star Wars parody like Hardware Wars? Joysticks and controllers shooting each other out in space? 

Report: Xbox 720 to launch in 2013

Microsoft, along with its industry partners, is reportedly eyeing a 2013 launch for its next-gen Xbox.

Sony slashes PS3 pricing

Sony has slashed the price of its popular Playstation 3 console by $50. The cut affects both the 160GB and 320GB models, which are now priced at $249 and $299 respectively.

New GoldenEye 007 game will debut this month

Goldeneye 007 revolutionized first-person shooter games on home consoles and many gamers have fond memories of it. So why not bring it back one more time?

Nintendo admits it faked Wii U game footage

You know, I haven't been impressed with Nintendo in, well, just about ages. I much preferred playing Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis than Mario on the NES.

Sony whines as GeoHot takes a breather

A very whiny Sony is accusing famed Playstation 3 hacker George Hotz of handing over two "nonfunctional" hard drives before flying off to South America.

Report: Sony "re-secures" PS3 with Firmware 3.60

A prominent Playstation 3 hacker is warning that Sony's latest firmware update (3.60) effectively "re-secures" the console.

Sony wants your PS3 games in the Cloud

Sony is planning to roll out a Cloud-based repository for saving Playstation 3 games.

Rumor: Sony developing a "hack-proof" PS3

Well, this is certainly an amusing rumor. Apparently, the folks at Sony are attempting to build a "hack-proof" PS3. Although definitely an admirable initiative from a corporate perspective, we all know that any system is (eventually) crackable.

George Hotz: I'm ready for more Sony jailbreaking

Talented jailbreaker George Hotz says he is ready to crack more Sony devices, despite the fact that the Japanese-based company is currently suing him for coding and disseminating a popular Playstation 3 hack.

Sony to inspect PS3 jailbreaker's rig

A federal judge has ruled that talented Playstation 3 jailbreaker George Hotz must submit to Sony and allow the electronics giant to unceremoniously inspect his rig's hard drive and copy data "related to [PS3] hacking."

Epic fail: Sony retweets jailbroken PS3 code

In a social media snafu, Sony spokesman Kevin Butler accidently retweeted PlayStation 3’s jailbreak code last night, mistaking the tweet for a "Battleship" board game reference.

Panicked Sony launches jailbreak witch hunt

A red-faced and clearly panicked Sony has launched a full-on witch hunt by threatening to sue anyone posting or "distributing" Playstation 3 jailbreak patches.

Yes, PS3 hacks are here to stay

A prominent video game developer believes that Sony will ultimately fail to effectively combat so-called "piracy" on its flagship Playstation 3 console.

Sony starts legal fight against PS3 hackers

Sony has asked for a restraining order against the hackers who published a jailbreak for the PlayStation 3, freeing it up to run unauthorized games.

This ruggedized PS3 is going to war

Talent serial modder Ben Heck has designed a ruggedized portable Playstation 3 for recreational use by US forces stationed in Afghanistan.

Dude, where's my PS3 jailbreak?

W00t! The PS3 - which is locked down tighter than Fort Knox during a Democratic fundraiser - has allegedly been jailbroken.

Sony refreshes Playstation 3 lineup

Sony will be introducing two new Playstation 3 models in Fall 2010. 

The 320GB PS3 system is slated to be included with the Sports Champions Move bundle, while the 160GB version will be sold as a standalone unit.