PlayStation Announces Its First Original Series

With gaming moving into streaming, it makes sense that a company like PlayStation could be getting into the original series game. In the console wars, the Xbox One has tried to branch beyond the hardcore gamers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that PlayStation is about to launch its first series, Powers.

Video: Sony touts PlayStation Vita TV console

Sony has debuted an uber-mini console targeted at gamers who want to play PlayStation Vita titles on the big screen. 

AMD in the red but things not looking black

AMD reported its Q1 numbers last night and they were slightly better than Wall Street’s expectations.

Console game devs bailing to mobile

The lengthy last-gen console cycle and underperforming titles have created a perfect storm of uncertainty, promoting numerous game devs to abandon the once stalwart platform for mobile devices.

AMD to sell altered PS4 APUs

AMD says it will be selling a modded version of the custom chip it designed for Sony's upcoming Playstation 4 console.

Report: Sony PS4 may support cross-platform interactivity

Rumors about the PlayStation 4 continue to swirl around the Internet ether and will do so until Sony officially unveils its next generation game console.

UK hits Sony with record fine for 'avoidable' PSN hack

Sony's been fined nearly $400,000 in the UK for the security breach that led to the hacking of its PlayStation Network in April 2011.

Sony silently surprises with web-based digital store

Sony has launched a new web-based digital store with very little fanfare.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine goes under

If you're a fan of the Sony PlayStation game consoles, you may have (had) a subscription to PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PSM).

Report: Sony's PS4 Orbis powered by AMD's A10 APU

Sony is reportedly shipping a new PlayStation 4 (Orbis) kit to game devs, with the final iteration slated to appear in January. 

Bridgestone responds to Playstation lawsuit

Bridgestone has responded to Sony's claims that its commercials are ripping off of an old Playstation trope.

A PS3 button map for Android

Some smartphones have the capability to play PS3 games, but the question is how can you manage those controls?

Video: Sony teases Mercia - Fractured Realms

Sony has posted a trailer teasing its first free to play MMO RPG for the Playstation Home platform.

Next-gen consoles to look beyond gaming

Next-gen consoles are expected to continue the current trend of emphasizing content well beyond gaming.

Report: PS4 powered by AMD's Liverpool APU

A new report indicates that Sony's next-gen Playstation 4 Orbis console will be powered by a quad-core AMD APU.

PS3 ebook platform coming soon: rumor

Would you pay for ebooks if you could read them on your TV from your PS3?

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita behind-the-scenes trailer

Here's a look behind-the-scenes at the newest adventure for Sackboy.

Rumor: Sony working on Playstation cloud partnership

Sony is apparently looking to make a big impression in the cloud space.

Playstation Network to be down all day

Sony has scheduled maintenance for its online network today.

PS One Classics coming to PS Vita

Despite a seeming lack of interest in backward compatibility for Sony, it still loves its PS One library.