Playboy wants to make it in space

Forget about that stack of Playboy magazines you have lying around, because those are so very last century.

.xxx launches today

Today is the beginning of a potentially new era for the Internet, an era that fully recognizes what is - like it or not - one of the most prolific facets of the information superhighway.

Scarface will never die

The classic film is still two years away from its 30th anniversary. Yet, it seems like Scarface is a holiday that's celebrated every day. doesn't like 'XXX' domain

The company that owns the rights to and other adult websites has filed a lawsuit to prevent '.xxx' from creeping into its turf.

What Steve Jobs told Playboy in 1985

David Sheff has a hell of a writing career. He did the last major interview with John Lennon for Playboy, and he's also conducted major interviews with Frank Zappa, Jack Nicholson, David Hockney, and Carl Sagan.

Playboy's going back to the club days

As you've probably seen on billboards and TV commercials everywhere, there's a new, swingin' 60's show about The Playboy Club that was clearly inspired by the success of Mad Men.

A look back at the original Jurassic Park

Recent reports claim there may be a reboot or sequel to Jurassic Park.

Sex tape serendipity

A comedy script called Sex Tape recently sold for a tidy sum, while J Lo managed to stop an alleged sex tape from going live in the wild.  

Playboy iPad app? Nah, just a website

Yes, the entire Playboy catalog will be made available for the iPad in March. But access to the sultry and uncensored pics will be granted via an iOS optimized (subscription) website rather than a hardcore app.

Apple to allow "uncensored" Playboy app

Apple's stance on porn has always been a prudish 'NO.' But in a bold movie, Hugh Hefner announced on Twitter the App Store will stock old and new issues of Playboy on the iPad store shelves as of March 2011.

Penthouse prepares porn for 3D TV channel

The emergence of adult content is always a sign of a new medium breaking in, and Penthouse, one of the biggest players in the business, is ready to bring its tantalizingly salacious content to the world of 3D.

Slice of space history goes under the hammer

Five hundred 'space artifacts' are set for the auctioneer's block later this month - including a Playboy calendar photo that made it to the moon in 1969.

Playboy reboots Tron

If there's one thing that hardcore geeks like more than science fiction action movies, it's probably hot girls revving a futuristic motorcycle or lightcycle with reckless abandon.

Playboy hard drive offers erotica to go

Playboy and Bondi are currently selling a portable, 250GB USB hard drive loaded with over 650 issues of the popular erotic magazine.

Female hacker steals nude pics

A female hacker named Leah Ayers was recently charged with breaking into the e-mail account of a former Playboy Playmate and stealing multiple images.

Playboy goes 3D with naked June centerfold

The June edition of Playboy magazine is scheduled to hit the stores this Friday with a naked, 3D centerfold.

Join the Mafia and collect Playboy magazines

2K Games has inked a lucrative licensing agreement with Playboy to display more than 50 vintage magazine covers and Centerfolds in Mafia II.

Report: Apple designates "explicit" category for iPhone app store

Apple has reportedly launched an initiative to create an "explicit" category for third-party app developers of the iPhone and iPod Touch.