PlayBook may hit stores on April 14

Research in Motion just sent out invitations to an event in New York City, and we all know what that means.

SNB/SCB Weekly Wrap

Here is some of what you might have missed this past week on SmallNetBuilder and SmallCloudBuilder.

Blackberry Playbook will easily port Android apps

Developers who can't decide between creating an app for Android and creating an app for Playbook don't need to worry anymore.

Playbook is ready for game time on April 19

Research in Motion's Blackberry Playbook, a business-oriented answer to the iPad, will go on sale April 19.

Blackberry Playbook to have FaceTime-like video chat

Reseach in Motion is feeling pretty confident about its iPad rival and still seems to have some tricks up its sleeve that haven't yet been revealed. The latest revelation - a FaceTime-like video chat feature.

RIM marketing chief abandons sinking ship

Only about 16 months after joining Research in Motion to help bring life back into the Blackberry company, chief marketing officer Keith Pardy has reportedly put in notice that he plans to leave.

Playbook rumored for April 10 launch

The latest information suggests Research in Motion's Blackberry tablet, the Playbook, will be released on April 10 but it's unclear at this point which carrier will be the first to offer mobile data services for it.

iPad 2: The risks are all internal

As we watched the iPad 2 launch today, many of us wondered if the popular tablet should be considered just another PC, or perhaps - like the iPod - a unique product in its own category.

Verizon, T-Mobile eligible for 4G Blackberry Playbook this year

Research in Motion has already said it will make its upcoming Playbook tablet compatible with Sprint's high-speed 4G network, but now the company has also confirmed it's working on versions that would work with Verizon's and T-Mobile's new spectrums.

RIM sets million-unit Playbook goal

We're seeing a bit of what's inside Research in Motion's Playbook playbook, as the company has ordered a million units to be produced from its overseas manufacturing partners.

Sprint brings Blackberry Playbook to 4G stratosphere

While Research in Motion's upcoming tablet isn't gaining a whole lot of buzz, the news at CES that Sprint will release a 4G version of it in several months is starting to turn some heads.

Whiny RIM denies Playbook battery reports

Research in Motion's iPad competitor, the Blackberry Playbook, was back in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. And now the company is striking back, saying reports over the device's poor battery life are false.

RIM's PlayBook in epic battery fail

Somewhere, Steve Jobs is surrounded by hundreds of iPads and laughing at RIM's epic PlayBook battery fail.

Blackberry developers get free Playbooks

In a move to get more people interested in developing for its upcoming tablet device, Research in Motion is offering a free Playbook to anyone who submits an app for the gadget and gets it accepted.

RIM Playbook in Apple iPad smackdown

RIM has released a video which shows its Playbook tablet outperforming Apple's iPad in loading standard web pages.

Blackberry Playbook will be less than $500

While not much has been said of Research in Motion's Blackberry OS-based iPad killer since it was first announced a few months ago, recent speculation does show it has one thing going for it: an affordable price.

Blackberry Playbook OS will go to Blackberry phones

The software that will power Blackberry's upcoming tablet device is also soon going to power future Blackberry phones, manufacturer Research in Motion has reportedly said.

RIM brings out Playbook, misses holidays and point

Ah we had such great hopes for Research in Motion. They - like Apple - were the only company that could have a complete product in market for the holidays and unlike Apple theirs could appeal to both businesses and consumers potentially going where the iPad could not.  

Games are the most popular mobile apps

As if there was ever any doubt! Yes, a recent survey published by Nielsen confirms what we already suspected: games are the most downloaded apps on mobile devices.