Blackberry Playbook price drops

It's usually not a good sign when retailers cut the price of a gadget that hasn't received an official price cut from the manufacturer.

Analyst says iPad will be dethroned in 2014

Analyst group Gartner says the iPad will be the #1 tablet through 2014 but isn't clear what platform will take its place.

RIM's PlayBooks are gathering dust

Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer is being forced to lay off around 1,000 workers as RIM scales back on production of its flailing PlayBook tablet.

Blackberry Playbook price likely to be slashed

After sluggish sales and continuing steep drops in market share, there's only one thing can save the Blackberry Playbook.

Sprint kills 4G Playbook plans

This is not good news for the fate of the Blackberry brand. The one device that seemed to bring a shimmer of hope back to Blackberry and company Research in Motion, just lost a big supporter.

Meet Colt, the first QNX Blackberry phone

What you are looking at here is what could very well be Research in Motion's last chance to prove its relevance in the smartphone market.

RIM calls Playbook cancellation rumor "pure fiction"

There is absolutely no truth to speculation that the WiFi version of the Blackberry Playbook is being canned, RIM says.

Analyst: RIM must split to save itself

A prominent analyst believes the ailing Research in Motion (RIM) should be split into two parts: a phone business and a network operations division.

97% of tablet Web traffic comes from iPad

A lot of non-iPad tablets are finally starting to makes waves around the world, but a new study shows just how much of an uphill battle they face.

Blackberry Playbook goes international next month

Unfazed by its recent Playbook recall in the US, Research in Motion has firmed up plans to release the device in the UK.

RIM recalls faulty Playbooks

This is the last thing Research in Motion needs to have in the headlines.

Apple laughs as Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook delayed yet again

Well, this comes as a complete shock! Yes, it seems as if Sprint is delaying the launch of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook yet again.

Rumor: 10-inch Playbook in the works

Research in Motion is reportedly looking to super-size its recently launched Playbook tablet.

Playbook update to bring video chat this month

Blackberry's tablet is slated to get its own Facetime-like application.

RIM wants Hulu Plus on Playbooks

Blackberry maker reportedly in talks with the online video service.

Playbook launch day sales may be as high as 50,000

Projections show good news for the Blackberry tablet.

Blackberry Playbook has AT&T problems

Don't bother buying a Playbook if you have an AT&T Blackberry.

Blackberry Playbook now on sale

Cut the ribbon and turn the page as Research in Motion's new chapter begins.

RIM kicks off Blackberry Playbook in New York

At an event last night, Research in Motion officially cut the ribbon on the much-discussed Playbook tablet.

Playbook versus iPad: What are the odds?

It seems as if the folks at RIM are gearing up for a battle with Steve Jobs and his so-called "magical" iPad.