LTE Blackberry Playbook finally a reality

Research in Motion will launch its 4G LTE-powered tablet on August 9.

Blackberry Playbook hacked to run iOS apps

You know what would make the Blackberry Playbook be, well, not so terrible?

RIM officially axes 16 GB Playbook

The version of the Playbook that was such a flop RIM could barely even give them away for free, is no more.

LTE Playbook reportedly confirmed

There's a new report out that Research in Motion is working on a 4G LTE-powered Playbook tablet.

RIM backpeddles in Playbook side-loading row

After gaining a lot of controversy, RIM says it will not disable Android app side-loading for the Playbook tablet.

Playbook update will cut off Android app "side-loading"

The ability to load any practically any Android app on the Blackberry Playbook is about to be axed.

Anticipation builds for Windows 8 tablets 

The mainstream tablet market is currently limited to two primary operating systems: Android and iOS. 

Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS is now live

Research in Motion has just launched what it hopes will be a jolt to its fledgling Playbook tablet device.

Android developers get free Playbooks

The Playbook has been so underwhelming that some have quipped that Research in Motion "couldn't even give them away."

Two new Blackberry Playbooks in 2012

Although the flagship Playbook tablet has been a commercial flop, RIM wants to keep the brand alive.

Playbook update revealed, but no one cares

Research in Motion chose CES to be the launching pad for the new version of its Playbook tablet OS.

Mass Playbook price cut underscores RIM trouble

Every single Playbook model, from the 16 GB version to the one with 64 GB, are now officially priced at $299.

Truckjackers steal 5000 Blackberry Playbooks

Apparently there's a group of criminals who weren't skilled enough to nab a bunch of iPads.

RIM pushes back new Blackberry platform

If you needed to see another nail in Research in Motion's coffin, how about news that the company is delaying its big software upgrade?

All is not well at RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) has confirmed that lackluster PlayBook tablet sales forced the company to take a $485 million charge.

Hackers jailbreak PlayBook

Three hackers say they've been able to crack Research In Motion's much-vaunted security to run unauthorized applications on the PlayBook tablet.

Get ready for the BlackBerry PlayBook fire sale

The TouchPad didn’t fly off store shelves until Hewlett Packard (HP) slashed the price of the webOS tablet to $99.

Playbook still not selling after price cuts

Despite slashing prices by at least $200 in the US, Research in Motion is having trouble convincing people to buy its flagship Blackberry tablet.

Playbook OS update delayed to 2012

The firmware update that will bring many features to the Blackberry Playbook that critics say should have been included in the first place, has been delayed to next year.

RIM insists PlayBook won't be axed

A RIM spokesperson has denied that the moribund BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will soon be discontinued.