Robotic plane dodges obstacles indoors

MIT researchers have created an autonomous plane that can fly indoors - without the use of GPS.

New-found solar system looks like our own

Astronomers have discovered the first exoplanetary system to look like our own solar system, with regularly-aligned planets.

Engineers fly world's first 'printed' aircraft

British engineers have created and flown an aircraft whose entire structure has been printed - wings, integral control surfaces, access hatches and all.

Airbus shows off plane of the future - and it's transparent

Those of us who have problems with glass elevators could be grounded for good, if Airbus's new concept plane becomes a reality.

NASA plans to develop hypersonic plane

NASA's planning to spend $5 million a year over the next three years on the development of a hypersonic vehicle that could fly at five times the speed of sound.

Nvidia exec arrested after 'bomb threat'

An Nvidia marketing director was hauled off a plane and chucked in jail last week after allegedly joking that he had a bomb.