Video Game Aliens Attack the World, Can Adam Sandler Save Us?

There’s quite a few video game movies currently in the works right now, but this one sounds like a pretty interesting concept. A group of aliens attack the world, and their assaults are staged like video games. It’s up to several gamers to defeat them and save the world from certain doom. 

Should Hollywood Fear the 4K TV?

We’ve recently run several reports here on TGD about a new Samsung TV that costs $150,000. It’s being called the 4K TV because it has four times the pixels of regular hi-def TVs, but some experts will argue that past a certain point your eye can’t tell the difference anymore.

How Many More Pixels Do We Need?

In the age of Hi Def, we can see things sharper, and more realistically, than ever. But how sharp and realistic do we really need to see things? Are there times things can be so sharp they can feel unreal? And how much can the untrained eye really see?