Can John Carter overcome troubled buzz?

As we've reported before here on TG, the "buzz" you'll hear about upcoming films isn't always accurate. 

In the case of Titanic, many predicted doom before it became the biggest box office hit in history.

Rolling the dice on John Carter

The "buzz" on movies isn't always accurate, and some films were weighed down with heavy predictions of doom before they finally hit theaters and did extremely well.

Finding Nemo coming back in 3D

Get ready to search for Nemo all over again - this time in 3D.

How risky is John Carter?

Pixar's record hasn't been perfect for great movies, but they've certainly had a better track record than most. 

Brave Trailer lifts the kilt

Pixar has released the first full-length trailer for Brave, its upcoming Highlands adventure tale.

Robopocalypse is Spielberg’s next sci-fi film

The Quebec Film Commission has confirmed that producer/director Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film, Robopocalypse, will begin shooting next summer in Montreal.

Pixar's Brave gets deeper

Pixar recently released a more in depth synopsis of Brave which details quite a bit of the actual plot.

D23 - Pixar’s plans revealed

Pixar has made some of the greatest animated genre films ever, and this weekend the famous studio offered a glimpse into the future at D23. 

On Cars 2 and Star Wars

Okay, so the word on Cars 2 isn't good, but just think how much money the toys are going to make!

Pixar's Brave teaser released

Pixar today released the teaser for Brave, its upcoming animated fantasy film.

Barsoom film gets poster, new title

Recently we found out that Disney’s project, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs’s novel, had changed its name again from John Carter of Mars to simply John Carter.

Stock and Trade: Buy N Large

In Stock and Trade, our latest genre fiction feature series, we’re looking at fictional corporations. Today, we’re featuring Buy N Large.

Yes, 3D is making money

Sure, 3D has its detractors and, er, rather loud critics. But the format - which is rapidly evolving - still manages to generate a tidy sum of money for a number of Hollywood studios.

Disney signs 3D deal with Imax

After successul runs with films like Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol, Disney has penned a new deal with Imax to bring three new 3D titles to the huge screens next year.

Disney DLC comes to LittleBigPlanet

Believe it or not, new content continues to be added to Sony's PS3 exclusive title LittleBigPlanet on a regular, if not weekly, basis, and this week it landed a pretty sweet deal: Disney worked with the team to bring content from "The Incredibles" over to the game.

Steve Jobs' Biography: World Changing or Sugared Water?

Word is that Steve Jobs has hired a writer to do his biography. 

Typically, this is something someone does towards the end of their life and can take one of several forms.