Crossbones begins casting

Crossbones - the title refers to a design element typical of privateer flags - will follow the escapades of an assassin for the British government from the American colonies, sent to infiltrate the inner circle of the infamous Blackbeard in the Caribbean.

Crossbones confirmed for NBC mid-season

NBC has ordered a short season of the fantasy pirate serial, Crossbones.

Treasure Island trailer seeks the map

Syfy has released a trailer for RHI's Treasure Island, which is based on the classic novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.

Smart Navy robocopters can pick out pirates

Unmanned Navy aircraft will soon be able to distinguish small pirate boats from other vessels, says the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

The pirates of Angry Birds

The vigor with which the RIAA chases after those accused of pirating music has made the organization one the most reviled on the planet.

Hollywood caught in BitTorrent scandal

Scandals are obviously nothing new for Hollywood, but this one screams hypocrisy louder than a coke-snorting Republican at a family values conference.

Pirate threat forces scientists to turn to Navy for help

Scientists are turning to the Australian and US navies to help protect them from Somali pirates in the western Indian ocean.

U.S. Navy turns to multiplayer games for ideas on fighting pirates

The U.S. Navy seems to have run out of ideas of how to fight Somali pirates, which is why it’s turning to crowdsourcing.

BAE zaps pirates with new laser defense system

BAE Systems has developed a new weapon to help defeat pirates on the high seas - by dazzling them with laser light.

Porn industry: We’re sick of being screwed by pirates

A number of adult-entertainment studios have filed joint lawsuits against serial pirates who routinely share pornographic content over peer-to-peer networks.

Microsoft takes on software pirates with regional crime labs

Microsoft has established nine regional crime labs around the world to counter the supposed scourge of software counterfeiting.