Anonymous halts attacks against Sony's PlayStation Network

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous and the splinter SonyRecon cell have halted their digital offensive against the PlayStation network.

Report blames piracy on excessive prices

Trying to legislate against online piracy is pointless, according to a report from the Social Science Research Council. Instead, it says, companies could reduce piracy significantly by cutting prices.

Nintendo takes draconian steps to curtail 3DS "piracy"

Nintendo is reportedly taking a number of draconian steps to discourage the distribution of unauthorized or altered 3DS games.

Sony reloads, steps up war against "piracy"

Forget about the Green Berets or Marines, because Sony is looking to recruit a crack team of counter-piracy experts. Yes, the corporate suits and ties will likely be tasked with executing legal campaigns (read blitzkrieg) against jailbreakers, modders and hackers.

Hollywood studios turn signts on Hotfile

The notoriously litigious Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has for the first time filed a copyright suit against Hotfile - the first time it's gone after a digital locker service.

Quarter of world internet traffic involves copyright theft, NBC claims

Piracy accounts for almost a quarter of internet traffic worldwide, a new study has found.

Just 100 users responsible for two-thirds of illegal file sharing

A tiny group of users is responsible for the great majority of BitTorrent activity, according to Spanish researchers.

Yes, PS3 hacks are here to stay

A prominent video game developer believes that Sony will ultimately fail to effectively combat so-called "piracy" on its flagship Playstation 3 console.

Pink Visual targets rampant porn piracy

As part of the ongoing effort to stop online piracy, porn mega company Pink Visual is rethinking its battle strategy. 

Intel locks down high-def content with Sandy Bridge

Intel has confirmed that its Sandy Bridge processor micro-architecture features integrated content protection designed to thwart high-end digital piracy.

File sharing site fights for legitimacy on Capitol Hill

"Don't hate the player, hate the game," is the message being transferred to Washington by file hosting website Rapidshare. 

'DNA fingerprint' could identify pirated movies

Inspired by DNA testing techniques, researchers have developed a way of identifying pirated movies.

Thousands of defendants escape BitTorrent lawsuit

A huge file-sharing legal case has been slashed in size, with over 4,400 defendants being let off the hook.

Google looks to identify searches for pirated content

Google's aiming to pick out searches for illegal content as part of a crack-down on copyright infringement.

China promises to step up action on piracy

The world's greatest user of pirated software, China, has announced it is to crack down on piracy by ensuring that all government offices are using legitimate software.

"Anti-Mafia" unit in violent Warez crackdown

A Bulgarian "anti-Mafia" unit has reportedly raided the headquarters of an alleged piracy site.

LimeWire suffers copyright infringement of its own

If LimeWire - recently shut down for encouraging illegal downloads - is to be believed, it may be issuing a few copyright letters of its own.

Court awards $1.5 million in music piracy case

Minnesota woman Jammie Thomas-Rassett has been ordered by yet another court to pay the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) for illegally downloading songs, this time being told she must stump up $1.5 million.

ACTA draft draws cautious welcome

A '99 percent complete' version of the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been released, in an effort to reach accord on how to stop the global trade in pirated goods.

Internet porn users have names leaked online

Thousands of internet porn users in the UK have had their personal details leaked online, along with a list of the mucky movies they've downloaded and shared.