Inexpensive Apple iPhones on the way

Rumours of a cheaper iPhone have been floating around for ages, but this time around it's expected Apple will indeed introduce a low-cost version of the device, designed with emerging markets in mind.

Intel shilly shallies over CEO spot

Intel has decided that there is no hurry getting itself a nice shiny new CEO, according to the strokers of beards and people in the know at analyst outfit Piper Jaffray. Paul Otellini is being put out to pasture in mid-May and the debate has so far been about if he is to be replaced by an insider or an outsider.

Apple eyes low-cost iPhone for the masses

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch a low-cost iPhone later this year.

Apple eyes cheaper iPhones for the masses

A Piper Jaffray analyst believes a cheaper "iPhone for the masses" will likely be introduced by Apple at some point in the near future.

Analyst predicts slow Wii U adoption

The first 14 months of the Wii U is expected to be disappointing compared to Wii hardware sales.

Apple iPad Mini would storm the tablet market

Apple's rumored iPad Mini will likely shake up the tablet market this holiday season - if Cupertino decides to launch a 16-gigabyte iteration at a $300 price point. 

Analyst pegs 55" Apple LCD TV at $2,000

A prominent industry analyst believes Cupertino is planning to launch an Apple-branded LCD TV set during the first half of 2013. 

Are iPads ramping past PCs?

Sales of Apple's wildly popular iPad are ramping at an accelerated rate of 156% year over year.

What will Apple launch in 2012?

A prominent industry analyst believes Apple will launch a redesigned iPhone 5 along with a potentially expanded iPad lineup in 2012.

Google-Motorola deal unlikely to topple Apple

A number of prominent analysts believe Google's $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility and its 17,000 patents are unlikely to significantly affect Apple.

Analyst bullish on iPhone despite Android surge

A prominent industry analyst believes sales of Apple's wildly popular iPhone will remain on track despite a massive surge in Android activations.

Report: Apple TV set could launch in 2012

A prominent industry analyst believes Cupertino’s recently unveiled iCloud heralds the advent of a high-def Apple television set.

Half a million iPad 2s sold over the weekend, says analyst

Financial analyst Piper Jaffray says that most iPad 2 buyers are new users - a whacking 70 percent, in fact.

Is the iPad a digital revolutionary?

Is Apple's "magical" iPad a digital revolutionary? Is it destined - like a more benevolent version of Che Guevara - to free the seething peasant masses from their dependency on unwieldy PCs?

Report: 77% of "new" iPhone 4 sales are just upgrades

Are you impressed by the long lines outside of Apple stores across the country? Well, don't be, because a shocking 77% of new iPhone 4 sales are just upgrades.

App Store really doesn't make any money

Apple's making peanuts out of the app store, according to a financial analyst who says it's netted less than half a billion dollars since its launch two years ago.