Pioneer anomaly explained - and Einstein can rest easy

Well, there's no need to rewrite physics, and it's got nothing to do with aliens. The unexpected slowing of NASA's Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft - the so-called Pioneer Anomaly - has been explained.

Pioneer pioneers first iOS-compatible car stereo

Pioneer has introduced an in-dash entertainment system that's compatible with your iPhone.

Could the best iPad accessory be a Pioneer receiver?

Well, that’s what I was thinking when I drove up to San Francisco for a briefing yesterday about Pioneer’s new receiver lineup.

Pioneer enters Blu-ray 3D race

It took a while, but Pioneer has finally launched its first set of Blu-ray 3D players, offering customers the class and elegance it is known for in its electronics. And, get this, there's iPhone support.

Pioneer showcases Android-powered vehicle HUD

Pioneer is developing a heads up display (HUD) for vehicles that taps advanced GPS-based features in current-gen smartphones.

Pioneer enters 3D market with Blu-ray players

Because the 3D takeover of the world won't be complete under every consumer electronics manufacturer puts out a line of 3D products, Pioneer has unveiled its flagship 3D-enabled Blu-ray players that also come with expanded online connectivity.

Pioneer Adds iPhone Connectivity To Receivers

Pioneer has launched its first iPhone App, iControlAV, which allows users to remotely access their home theater sound systems through Wi-Fi connectivity. Support, though, is limited to just 2 receivers.