Pinterest And Path To Battle Over Letter “P” Logo Trademark

Are the Path and Pinterest logos too similar? Path apparently thinks so. The mobile messaging startup is currently working to prevent Pinterest from acquiring the trademark to the letter “P” as a stylized design (like the one shown here, and below). The U.S. trademark office allowed Pinterest’s trademark ...

'Maker Movement' enabling more women to launch tech businesses?

Arguably the popularity of e-commerce and social brands such as Etsy and Pinterest have incited a new do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. But it also appears that businesses like these are giving way to a new trend in the tech startup community, now referred to in some circles as "the ...

Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest users hit by data breach

Data on an unknown number of Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest users is at risk after customer service software provider Zendesk was hacked.

Pinterest pins itself on Android, iPad

The newest darling in the world of social media is now on every major mobile platform.

Pinterest is finally open for all

The newest rising star in social media is no longer invitation-only.

Pinterest overthrows LinkedIn, Google+

In just a few short months, a new name in social media has taken everyone by storm.