Towards a green building future

The days of constructing energy-hogging buildings could soon be something considered so 2010.

EV batteries head to energy storage frontier

With the thousands of minds and millions of dollars put into developing electric vehicle car batteries, it makes sense that companies are starting to "think outside the car."

Cleantech industry bets big on offshore windpower

A new report from Pike Research confirms what the United States, Europe and even Google are banking on: offshore wind is going to be huge.

Wind power capacity to triple by 2017

The world's total wind power capacity, including both onshore and offshore projects, will triple by 2017, cleantech analyst Pike Research says in a new report.

Is offshore wind power ready for prime time?

We recently covered a report from Pike Research which predicts a big surge forward for offshore wind energy, estimating a growth in total installed capacity from 4.1 gigawatts to 70.1 gigawatts by the end of 2017.

Electric car market gains focus

Pike Research is out with a forecast for electric vehicles for 2011 that doesn't quite suggest the fuzzy, question-filled market will gain perfect clarity, but does predict a "year in which many … answers will come into greater focus."  

Many consumers skeptical over EVs

Consumers were certainly quick to adopt hybrid cars when they debuted around a decade ago - particularly the Toyota Prius. 

But will they do the same with the new plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs)?