This Android PC is also a pico projector

The EPICT EPP-100 may look like a standard pico projector as it stands ready to display an image onto a screen or wall.

Android-powered LumiTab boasts an integrated DLP projector

These days it's rather difficult for most Android tablets to set themselves apart from the pack, as most are equipped with the same hardware, basic features and software variants.

This pico projector is for next-gen smartphones

STMicroelectronics and bTendo have developed what they describe as the "world's smallest" focus-free embedded pico projector for next-gen smartphones and tablets.

German researchers develop world's thinnest pico projector

German researchers have developed what is being billed as the world's "thinnest" pico video projector.

iPhone pico projector on hold until 2013

Were you hoping to show off that cool pico projector on your sleek and sexy fifth-gen iPhone? 

In search of the iPhone 5

Apple's next-gen iPhone could boast an integrated pico projector, along with support for seamless, over-the-air digital TV.

Mozilla showcases Seabird mobile phone

Mozilla is showcasing an Open Web concept phone that uses advanced motion capture capabilities and multiple pico projectors to offer netbook-quality interaction.