Code Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python

Ah, when programmers collide, or just compare notes, or just hang out. Because they don't like to fight. Or do war. They don't look good mud wrestling either so, that's out. Maybe a really cool infographic will settle things, once and for all.

Abandoned Detroit begins to power up

In fact, PHP is much more, operating seamlessly from both a renovation and artistic stance to take some of Detroit’s abandoned residential real estate and make it work, both as a literal source of renewable, off-grid power for surrounding homes and as a source of creative power.

Go Daddy counters PHP hack attacks

Go Daddy has stepped up its efforts to counter an ongoing PHP hack attack that has affected a number of Internet hosting providers, including BlueHost, DreamHost, Media Temple and Network Solutions. 

Hackers target WordPress in large scale attack

Hackers have reportedly targeted a number of websites powered by the popular WordPress platform.