There's still a future for photovoltaic installs

Pessimistic forecasts for photovoltaic energy are overly negative, according to a survey. IHS said that despite these forecasts, PV installations will continue to grow at a double number rate and that will represent more than 35 gigawatts this year.

Photovoltaic wars show Japan gets a boost

A market research firm said Japan is set to overtake both Japan and the USA in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) capacity.

Singapore grows forest of solar-powered supertrees

Usually words like "artificial" and "man-made" bring to mind our poor attempts to replace something natural that's been destroyed by human development.

Is solar an economic bright spot?

The United States domestic solar industry continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise down economy, according to a recent report by Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research.

Tiny solar power bikini a one off wonder

Despite its general lack of, um, surface area, a new "photovoltaic bikini" designed by Andrew Schneider apparently provides enough power to run your MP3 player.

Are plants more efficient than solar panels?

A debate rages in the scientific community over which is more efficient at harvesting solar energy: a plant or a solar cell?

Feds announces $50M in new solar funding

The infamous Nevada Test Site has long been known as a proving ground for nuclear weapons.