LinkedIn may be using your photo for adverts

Following a recent - and very quiet - update to its privacy policy, LinkedIn has started using members' names and photos in advertisements by default.

New phone app automatically tags photos in detail

A new cell phone application can tag photographs with names, locations and even activities - all by itself.

Flickr sends five years' photos down the drain

Flickr has admitted accidentally deleting a photo-blogger's account, wiping out his 4,000 photos at a stroke.

FourSquare adds photos and comments to check-ins

FourSquare yesterday updated its iPhone application to allow users to post photos and comments when checking in - and says it's already getting one photo upload a second.

Flickr photos used to create 3D city models

Computer scientists have invented a way of creating 3-D models of landmarks and geographical locations using photos available on sites like Flickr.

Almost all US kids have photos online before their second birthday

There's no privacy nowadays for even the tiniest members of society, with a survey revealing that eight out of ten children have some sort of online presence before they reach two years old.

Air Hogs prep $65 spy drone for Fall launch

Air Hogs is preparing to launch a $65 ‘chopper spy drone in Fall 2010. 

The aircraft - dubbed "Hawk Eye" - is capable of snapping hundreds of photos at a resolution of 640×480 or capturing 5 minutes of video at 320×240.

Queen opens the family albums with launch of Flickr site

Queen Elizabeth II now has her own Flickr site, complete with family snaps and some old photos that have been kicking about at the back of drawers for decades.

NASA wants to send your ugly mug into space

With only two more shuttle missions set to fly, your chances of getting to the International Space Station (ISS) are slim. But as a consolation prize, NASA is promising to send your photo instead.

App aims to de-Bieber the web

A new app aims to fix one of the most annoying features of the web - unwanted mentions of Justin Bieber.

Report: Microsoft prepping new version of Windows Live

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of Windows Live, which has apparently been dubbed "Wave 4" by a team of very bored marketeers.

Gamers slave labor for virtual cash

Gaming used to be about playing not work, but with the advent of virtual currency to enhance game options, more and more gamers say they are willing to earn cyber cash by pimping themselves out to marketeers as survey monkeys, ad video guinea pigs and subscription sign up sasquatches.

FBI probes Pennsylvania school district over webcam spy scandal

The FBI and federal prosecutors have joined an investigation of a Pennsylvania-area school district accused of spying on students with remotely activated webcams.