Seamless photography: using mathematical models for image stitching

A photo captures only as much as the camera in use will allow, and is therefore limited by the field of view of the camera’s lens. In the case of smartphones and many advanced cameras, the view from the lens is much smaller than the view from your own eyes.

SVCam-evo Tracer is modder friendly

You don't have to be an expert photographer to realize that the camera you're looking at below is a bit strange.

Toshiba designs "Lytro" image sensor for mobile devices

Toshiba is reportedly designing a specialized image sensor for smartphones and tablets. 

Google tweaks Snapseed for Android

Snapseed goes free as it lands on Android.

Projecteo shines your Instagram pics on the wall

Projecteo is part projector and part Instagram hack.

Is the iPhone killing digital cameras?

What used to be a purse staple on a Saturday night is fast becoming an item of the past: the digital camera.

360-degree images bring websites to life

A Silicon Valley start-up known as Bubblie is hoping to redefine the way we view photographs with what it calls a "bubble" image.

Cops and cameras in the digital age

Camera technology is an everyday part of life. It is affordable and it is more portable than ever. And if you haven’t already noticed, there are cameras everywhere.

Firm promises professional-quality photos - from a cellphone

A California start-up has developed a new image sensor technology that it says can improve cellphone camera performance by four times.