Monect controls your PC from a tablet or phone

An XDA Forum member has launched a slick app that allows users to wirelessly control their PCs via either a phone or tablet, effectively transforming Android mobile devices into a keyboard/mouse/joystick/keypad all-in-one combo.

App turns smartphone into smart key

It could soon be possible to use your smartphone to remotely give someone permission to enter your house.

This LED lamp charges your phone with salt water

Finding a way to provide light and power to those in developing nations is challenging. 

Facebook in 'third attempt' to build own smartphone

Facebook phone rumors are swirling again, with reports that the company's been hiring smartphone engineers.

Tiny device turns phone into microscope

Finnish researchers have built a tiny gadget that attaches to a camera phone and turns it into a high-resolution microscope - accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter.

Team cuts smartphone power usage

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have designed a network proxy that they say can cut the power consumption of 3G smartphones by up to three quarters.

Facebook-branded phone may finally be coming

Well, it's been rumored for a long time, but Facebook is finally getting close to launching a smartphone of its own, according to a report from All Things D.

Festival music charges mobile phones

British festival-goers this summer no longer need to worry about charging their phones - as long, that is, as they're not too bothered about their eardrums either.

Microsoft: What a difference a year makes

Microsoft is likely to top the list of the most improved companies for 2011. Indeed, 2009 ended a decade of disappointing personal technology products from Redmond - particularly Windows Vista -  which left many of us wondering if MS could do anything right.   

Is Facebook developing its own phone?

Facebook is denying rumors that it is planning to build its own phone - but nobody much believes it.

Russia builds an Android phone

Yes, the Cold War may have ended years ago, but Russia is racing to bring its own version of an Android handset to market.

Chrome to Phone is here!

Chrome to Phone allows users to quickly send content to Froyo-powered (Android 2.2) phones. The latest official extension for the popular browser currently supports the instant transfer of web pages, maps, YouTube videos, phone numbers and text.

Windows 7 Asus Phone spotted in Pakistan

A sleek Windows 7 prototype phone apparently manufactured by Asus has been spotted in Pakistan.

China hearts mobile Internet access

Tech-savy Chinese consumers have already surpassed their American counterparts in mobile Internet use, with 38% of Chinese wireless subscribers surfing the Web compared to just 27% of Americans. 

Kin debacle embarrasses Microsoft

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue its lame Kin phone for overly-ironic hipsters in Brooklyn has apparently "sunk" morale at Redmond's Fortress of Solitude. 

Do developers prefer Android or Apple?

Do developers prefer working with Android's open ecosystem, or are they more interested in submitting programs to Apple's lucrative app store?

Report: Microsoft planning major entertainment reshuffle

The undisputed success of Apple and Google in the portable device market has apparently prompted Microsoft to plan "major organizational changes" in the division responsible for Windows Phone, Zune HD and the Xbox 360.

Quake 3 frags the Nexus One

Are you ready to frag? Yes? Well, so are we - with Quake 3 on the Nexus One!

Samsung goes mobile with Microsoft's PlayReady technology

Samsung has announced that it will deploy Microsoft's PlayReady technology in its consumer devices to facilitate the easy transfer of content between TVs, mobile phones, set-top boxes and other devices.

Microsoft targets "social generation" with new Kin phone

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows-based phone designed specifically for individuals who need help in "actively navigating" their social lives.