Phishers use free iPhone 5S as lure ahead of launch

Posted on 6 September 2013.|This article discusses what DoS attacks are, some various types of DoS attacks, tips to keep them at bay, and references to security tools to help you mitigate vulnerabilities.Posted on 5 September 2013.|A new Ponemon Institute study examined the disconnect between an organization’s commitments ...

Financial Times gets bitten by Syrian hack

The Syrian Electronic Army, which is basically the cyber branch of Assad in Syria, has managed to hack the Financial Times.

Certificate slip lets phishers create fake Google sites

Google is warning that users are at risk of phishing attacks after Turkish Certificate Authority TurkTrust mistakenly issued the wrong type of certificate to two organizations.

BlackHat security conference involved in security scare

If you're running a security conference that you advertise as the 'biggest and best' of its kind, it's a little embarrassing when your delegates start receiving phishing messages.

Google explains how it identifies spam

Some people ignore the very existence of their spam folder; others, though, have a check-through every now and again to see if they've missed anything vital.

Industry giants team up to fight phishing

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, PayPal and others have announced a new joint effort to combat spam and phishing.

Massive phishing scam targets Apple users

A plausible phishing scam is making the rounds, aimed at Apple customers, particularly those who have just received a gadget for Christmas.

China: Google hack allegations are a "fabrication"

Beijing has adamantly denied it was involved in accessing hundreds of Gmail accounts belonging to senior U.S. officials, journalists, military personnel and political activists.

Facebook fixes another security flaw

Facebook says it's repaired a security vulnerability discovered by a pair of doctoral students at Indiana University.

McDonalds customers warned over identity theft

McDonalds customers may face something a lot nastier than greasy food, with the company warning that a hacker has gathered thousands of customer details.

As many as 4 million people downloaded data-stealing Android app

A seemingly innocuous Android app that let users change their phone's wallpaper has actually been stealing private user information and may have been downloaded millions of times.

Cybercriminals launch multi-stage attacks

Cybercriminals have reportedly increased their effectiveness by launching "multi-stage" attacks that combine messaging with other Web activities. 

Gamers more prone to spam and phishing

Gamers beware - you're 50 percent more likely to suffer spam and phishing attacks than other social network users.

New phishing scam targets Facebook users

There's a new phishing scam targeting Facebook users, potentially giving the scammers access to all of a user's usernames and passwords.

Twitter fights back against phishing scams

Well, you can't say there isn't a need for it. After scam after scam, Twitter is introducing a service to foil the phishers.

British politicians caught by Twitter sex scam

It's always pleasant to get a sexy message from your heart-throb, and Twitter followers of British energy minister Ed Milliband had a nice surprise this morning.