Philips preps first OLED desk lamp

OLEDs use less electricity (and mercury) than normal light bulbs or LEDs, making them more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

TV makers slapped with record fine for price fixing

The European Commission has slapped record fines, totalling $1.92 billion, on seven electronics companies for fixing cathode ray tube prices before CRT televisions disappeared in favor of flat-screens.

Transparent car roof is light source at night

BASF and Philips have developed an OLED car roof that can flip between acting as a window and a light source, giving light when switched on but becoming transparent when turned off.

Philips develops luminous wallpaper

Philips is planning to start marketing wallpaper that glows, developed through a partnership with sound insulation company Kvadrat Soft Cells.

Japan introduces 52-inch glasses-free 3D TV

What is perhaps the most technologically sophisticated 3D TV is now a fait de compli in Japan.

Anyone for an invisible keyboard?

So, how good are your keyboard skills? An Israeli start-up reckons there's enough touch-typists out there to justify launching an invisible virtual keyboard.

Phillips touts 12 watt LED bulb as incandescent replacement

Phillips has introduced a 12 watt LED bulb that could eventually replace the ubiquitous 60 watt incandescent bulb.