Keeping a sci-fi legend alive

We recently confirmed that there will be plenty of Philip K. Dick adaptations made in the near future, and its certainly great to see the author's legacy continuing some thirty years after his death.

More Phillip K. Dick adaptations on the way

Philip K. Dick’s works are the basis for some of the most memorable genre films of our time.

Philip K. Dick is now waiting for last year

Lila 9th and Electric Shepherd Productions have reportedly optioned Now Wait For Last Year from Philip K. Dick’s Estate - with Ted Kupper slated to write the screenplay.

Phillip K. Dick comes to Disney?!

Disney recently announced that it has begun pre-production on an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story.

Total Recall sequel comic series in progress

Soon after the announcement that Philip K. Dick’s novelette is being made into another movie, Dynamite Comics began a four-part comicbook sequel to the original film adaptation.