FX Master Phil Tippett to Return to Jurassic World

If you’re a self-respecting geek, Phil Tippett is one of those names in FX that everyone in our brethren knows, along with Rick Baker (Men in Black), Greg Nicotero (Walking Dead), and many others. Tippett is the FX innovator who first broke through doing stop motion animation for Star Wars, and he also provided FX for RoboCop, Starship Troopers, and The Twilight films. (Please don’t hold that against him.)

Tippett FX Studio Creates Efexio App

Over the last six months or so on TGD, we’ve reported on a troubling phenomenon: the FX business in trouble. This was bewildering for us to learn about. How could the FX business be going under? How many big blockbuster movies are dependent on FX? Giant robots and tornados of sharks don’t just come out of nowhere, and they certainly aren’t cheap.