White House pledges to eliminate cellphone unlocking ban

The White House has bowed to public opinion, and said that it too believes cellphone unlocking should be legal.

FCC to look at overturning unlocking ban

The Federal Communications Commission has let it be known that it plans to investigate the recent ban on cellphone unlocking.

Cellphone unlocking petition hits 100,000 signatures

The US government will have to reconsider its decision to ban cellphone unlocking, after an online petition reached the necessary 100,000 signatures.

Jimmy Wales steps in to try and halt extradition

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is calling for the US to abandon its attempt to extradite British student Richard O'Dwyer over alleged copyright offenses.

Mass Effect 3 players promised different ending

Mass Effect 3 developer Bioware says it's working on more content for the game after tens of thousands of players complained about the ending.

Apple pulls iTunes from 'hate group' site

Apple's pulled its iTunes application from the website of a Christian group accused of being anti-gay and anti-women.

Owner of seized domains sues ICE and Home Security

The Spanish owner of two domains seized by the US government earlier this year is fighting back, filing a petition in the Southern District of New York for their return.

Exclusive: Facebook shut-down likely in Pakistan

Mark Zuckerberg can breathe a little easier: the blasphemy case in Pakistan which has been hanging over his head since last summer appears to have quietly been dropped.

Petitioners want Duke Nukem banned from Walmart

The video game industry is certainly no stranger to controversy, with disputes between studios and their opponents typically focusing on (purported) excess violence, along with sexual and occult concerns.

Rights groups up in arms over anti-gay app

Apple's coming under fire from gay rights groups over an app that claims to be able to 'cure' homosexuality.

Twitter outrage as bomb joker loses appeal

A British man convicted of 'menace' after jokingly tweeting that he planned to blow up an airport has lost his appeal, sparking a massive 'I am Spartacus' campaign.

Google Maps gets cycle routes following petition

Google is adding cycle routes to Google Maps, allowing users to plot the best routes in 150 cities across the US.