Spider-Man 2 trailer: starts whiny ends up cheesy CGI

Okay, this is a joke and a half that only a fanboy can love. Peter Parker, Spider-Man, is one of those heroes that you want to punch in the face for being so angst ridden and annoying and whiny and just annoying. But, he has super powers. This sequel is going to make billions. We will see it. We will not be happy.

More on the death of Spider-Man

As you probably know by now, Peter Parker meets his untimely end in the 700th issue of Spider-Man.  

The perfect chemistry of the Amazing Spider-Man 

As we just reported here on TG, the first reviews are in for The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot of the classic Marvel character, and it looks like the movie's a winner. 

First Amazing Spider-Man reviews are in

With so many genre movies already making their box office mark (Hunger Games, Avengers), it almost  seems like everyone has forgotten the latest Spider-Man reboot which hits theaters on July 3.

The secrets of the Dark Knight & Amazing Spider-Man

As we've often noted on TG, when you're shooting a big, event genre film, you've got to try and keep everything top secret until the movie hits theaters.

Captain America's superhero anxiety

With the Captain America film living up to expectations, and the character coming back in next year's Avengers, Chris Evans is now officially a star, which he's admitted he's a bit nervous about.