Please, stop whining about The Hobbit

So The Hobbit hasn't even hit theaters yet and already there is endless whining about how Peter Jackson is ruining the LOTR franchise because he showed clips of the film at 48 frames per second instead of 24.

Peter Jackson responds to Hobbit criticism

Footage from the upcoming first installment of The Hobbit was recently screened at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas.

New footage from The Hobbit ready to screen

The most anticipated genre movie right now is probably The Avengers, which will undoubtedly be a huge success when it hits theaters on May 4.

The Hobbit gets updated

As we all know, geek icon Peter Jackson is currently shooting The Hobbit, which will be divided in two parts, with the first episode being released this December. 

More dispatches from Middle Earth

"Gollum's never really gone too far away from me because he's indelibly printed into my DNA. What was weird is going back and playing a character..."

From The Hobbit to West of Memphis

On the weekend of January 20th, the big story in Hollywood is always the Sundance Film Festival, where producers, agents and studios race to pick up the next hot movie sensation before anyone else. 

Spielberg talks Robopocalypse

Steven Spielberg has been quite busy lately and one really can't help but wonder how he finds the time for all of his projects.

How will The Hobbit differ from LOTR?

Peter Jackson has acknowledged that his upcoming Hobbit movies will have a vastly different mood than  previous films set in Middle Earth.

Why Halo the movie is a no go

When Halo became the biggest thing since sliced bread in the gaming world, a film depicting the classic franchise would have been a no brainer, right? 

Say a movie version with Peter Jackson at the helm?

The Hobbit trailer is finally here!

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first full-length trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which tells the story of how Bilbo Baggins came to possess the One Ring.

The Hobbit diaries of Peter Jackson

As every self-respecting geek knows, there's a lot going on in Middle Earth right now. Yes, Peter Jackson is busy filming The Hobbit and issuing regular updates via his production diaries.

Lord of the Rings has a War in the North

Although Peter Jackson is shooting two upcoming Hobbit films, another Lord of the Rings game has been unleashed on the market, LOTR: War In the North.

On Evangeline Lilly and The Hobbit

Evangeline Lilly will be playing Tauriel - a Silvan Elf of Mirkwood - in Peter Jackson's upcoming adaption of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit.  

Spielberg and Jackson wow Comic-Con

Steven Spielberg made his Comic-Con debut today when he arrived at the uber-geek fest in San Diego to promote his upcoming animated Tintin film and accept the coveted Inkpot Award.

The Kong that would be king

You recently read our coverage on TG Daily about Sensurround, the sound gimmick that was first used in Earthquake to try and simulate a real earthshaker in the theaters. 

The Lord of the Rings still shines on

I can remember very clearly seeing the first teaser trailer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a golden ring floating in the darkness, and a voice over beginning with: "one ring to rule them all..."

On geek girls and Lord of the Rings

I once knew this really cool geek girl who adamantly refused to watch Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. 

She also repeatedly turned up her nose at Ralph Bakshi's animated version of the hallowed classic.

Special effects wizard shuffles off this mortal coil

Special effects wizard Harry Redmond Jr. recently passed away at 101 years old.

Peter Jackson to answer twenty fan questions about The Hobbit

To help alleviate some of the rumors surrounding the upcoming film, Director Peter Jackson has decided to choose 20 of the most popular questions about The Hobbit from a selection of over 4,000 queries.

Hobbit production resumes

Production of the Hobbit, which had previously been delayed by Peter Jackson’s health issues has finally resumed.