Report: Metals in flowers may be killing bumblebees

Beekeepers and researchers are reporting growing evidence that a powerful new class of pesticides may be killing off bumblebees.

Organic food 'no healthier'

Organic food isn't noticeably better for people's health, according to a meta-analysis of past studies carried out by Stanford University scientists.

Common pesticide named as cause of bee decline

Two new studies have pinned the blame for the catastrophic decline in bee numbers on a commonly-used class of pesticides.

Claim - "natural" cereals contain pesticides and GMOs

A new report has dropped a bomb on the natural food industry. Those pricey "natural" cereals you see at the grocery store may not be as healthy for you as their advertising claims.

10 million bees deaths reported in Florida

Those of us who love sweet delicious honey have good reason to be concerned, as over 10 million bee deaths were recently reported in Florida.

Chinese farmers plagued by exploding watermelons

Farmers in China have been baffled by a rather peculiar problem: exploding watermelons.