Things get expensive for Google in France

The French government has released proposals to tax online businesses for the collection of personal data, in a move that would dramatically increase their currently-tiny tax bills.

FTC tightens up child privacy rules

Apps and websites will have to jump through more hoops before gathering personal information on children, thanks to a set of amendments to the creaking Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Web tracking firm collected personal data

A web analytics company has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it used its web-tracking software to collect personal data.

Myspace settles with FTC over misuse of private data

Moribund social networking service Myspace has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it misled users over the use of their personal information.

Symantec tempts people with 'lost' phones - and finds them wanting

Lost your phone? There's a very high chance that whoever found it has been nosing around in your personal data.

Obama publishes new online privacy plan

The White House has unveiled a new framework for online privacy, tightening up the protection of personal data.

Facebook under investigation for holding deleted data

Facebook's facing a possible €100,000 fine from the Irish authorities for holding data that users have deleted.

App grabs personal data using facial recognition

Carnegie Mellon University researchers say they can identify strangers on the internet using just one photo - and even predict part of their social security number.

Half of used mobiles contain old owner's personal data

Cellphone users, at least in Britain, are happily handing over their personal information to complete strangers by failing to wipe their phones clean when they sell them.

Apple sued over data tracking

An iPhone user has launched a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of allowing applications to gather personal information without users' consent.

EU sets tighter data protection rules

Facebook and Google are to be forced to ask users' permission before downloading personal data under new EU privacy rules expected to be announced today.

Glitch deletes $600,000 worth of records from Santa Clara

More than a million archived images stored on Santa Clara County Housing Authority computers have been unintentionally scrubbed out, and it's going to cost $600,000 to get them back.