Pentagon eyes farm to fleet biofuel

The U.S. Navy has faced resistance from many conservatives in its quest to use advanced biofuels to power its ships and planes, but maybe putting a “homegrown” spin on the move – with a program called “Farm to Fleet” – will help quiet the critics.

Pentagon accuses Chinese government of hacking and hacking again

In the Pentagon's annual report to Congress, it has accused China, yet again, of hacking US establishments in an effort to gain industrial and defence secrets.

Pentagon wants to evolve mobile ad hoc networks (MANETS)

Troops operating in forward locations without telecommunication infrastructure often rely on a mobile ad hoc network (MANET) to communicate and share data.

Cyber tools are weapons, USAF says

The US Air Force has defended itself against evil accountants by  designating six software tools as weapons so that they can compete for scarce dollars in the Pentagon budget.

US considers annihalating hackers

The US military is wondering if it is OK to kill hackers who are using their skills to bring down important infrastructure.

Video: Pentagon wants laser weapons on fighter jets

The US Department of Defense (DoD) says it may begin ground-based tests of laser weapons mounted on fighter jets and even drones by 2014.

Hackers release FBI, Pentagon, NASA passwords

The hacking group Team GhostShell, which is affiliated with Anonymous, has released information online relating to 1.6 million government, military and industry accounts.

Pentagon replacing Blackberry with iOS, Android

The Pentagon has decided to roll out Android phones and iPhones to its more than 100,000 employees.

UFO hacker saved from extradition

The British home secretary, Theresa May, has announced that computer hacker Gary McKinnon won't be extradited to the US on human rights grounds.

Pentagon wants extreme hypersonic flight

Extreme hypersonic flight at Mach 20 - or 20 times the speed of sound - would enable the Pentagon to deploy troops anywhere in the world in under an hour.

Pentagon suppresses WikiLeaks documents

The Pentagon is currently refusing to release 250,000 pages of documents assessing the damage and fallout related to the transfer of classified documents to WikiLeaks by Pfc. Bradley Manning. 

Is the Pentagon withholding WikiLeaks evidence?

Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing a total of 22 charges - including aiding the enemy - after thousands of classified documents downloaded by the former army intelligence analyst ended up on WikiLeaks.

Pentagon wants cyber security collaboration with China

US Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta believes Washington and Beijing must work together to avoid "misconceptions" in the volatile cyber arena.

Pentagon tests "smart" contact lenses

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is currently testing a pair of iOptik contact lenses to determine if the advanced optics are capable of providing greater situational awareness for soldiers in the field.

Pentagon wants to hack into video game consoles

The Pentagon is apparently interested in learning how to hack into video game consoles.

Pentagon wants nuclear powered drones

Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and defense contractor Northrop Grumman have formulated plans for a new generation of nuclear-powered drones.

Pentagon wants civilian help to thwart hackers

The head of US Cyber Command says the Pentagon needs private-sector cooperation in reporting computer network attacks to stop the "greatest [unauthorized] transfer of wealth in history."

Pentagon remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks

A senior defense official has acknowledged that the US Department of Defense (DoD) is "capability-limited" within the cyber realm.

Pentagon formulates rules of engagement for cyberwar

The Pentagon is currently formulating new rules of engagement for the execution of military ops in cyberspace.

WikiLeaks founder to run for senate

Julian Assange may be forced to wear an intrusive ankle bracelet in the UK as he fights extradition to Sweden, but the WikiLeaks founder says he is still determined to run for a seat in Australia's senate next year.