Samsung says its next-gen smartphone is like a PC

Samsung claims its next-gen smartphones will boast performance levels comparable to (mid-range) PCs.

iOS and Android gaming capture increased market share

During 2010, iOS and Android game sales increased their share from 5% to 8%  within the U.S. video game market, as revenue jumped from $500 million to more than $800 million.

Waiting to upgrade? Just smash your current PC!

Waiting for a PC replacement or upgrade is apparently driving some employees to take (or consider taking) what can only be described as drastic measures.

PC demand drops. Could iPad be to blame?

In the first quarter of 2011, PC shipments fell compared to this time last year, leaving analysts a bit dazed.

Peddie: Console gaming is "limited"

Industry analyst Jon Peddie believes console gaming is hopelessly constrained by aging hardware, lack of precision controllers and low resolution.

Intel: Tablet takeover rumor is nothing but "bunk"

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has rebuffed claims that the traditional PC market is slowly being asphyxiated by a steady onslaught of sleek and sexy ARM-powered tablets.

TV and PCs highly harmful to heart health

Four hours' screen time a day more than doubles the risk of a heart attack, according to scientists at University College London.

Tablet sales spike 226 percent as PC market slows

Tablet sales are expected to spike by a staggering 226 percent in 2011.

Rumor: Kinect coming to a PC near you

A Korean developer is claiming that Microsoft will officially support its popular Kinect platform on Windows-based PCs.

Say goodbye to the PC-centric era

The PC-centric is drawing to an unceremonious close, with smartphones, tablets and other mobile app-enabled devices expected to outpace PC sales over the next 18 months.

Battlefield game gives away free DLC, with a catch

Developer DICE has put a little something extra in the new Vietnam add-on to the multi-platform video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. But you'll only be able to get it if other gamers want it as much as you. It'll be automatically unlocked once a certain milestone of online activity has been reached.

Report: Intel to deploy Light Peak in early 2011

Intel is reportedly preparing to deploy its Light Peak transfer protocol during the first half of 2011.

Do FPS games suck on consoles?

Sure, we've all seen hard-core elitist gamerz take cheap potshots at console-based FPS titles. But could they be right?

Is the PC dying a slow, horrible death?

The majority of the PC tech world has fallen into a dystopian stupor. Monolithic corporations are now led by aging CEOs who seek solace in the comfort of profit and ego, rather than innovation.

Should Apple's iPad be categorized as a PC?

Apple's popular iPad currently dominates the relatively nascent tablet market. But could the industry eventually reclassify the powerful device as a full-fledged PC?

DC Universe won't go Online until 2011

Bad news, comic book nerds. DC Universe Online has been pushed back to 2011 after the developer hit snags in testing the beta networks. Problems are likely linked to the game's ambitious ability to play over PS3 and PC in the same online world.

Stealth uncloaks ultra-mini PC

Stealth has uncloaked an ultra-mini PC that weighs in at an incredible 1.2 lbs and is the size of a paperback novel.

iPad owners are 'selfish and unkind'

It's a truism that people either love Apple and all it stands for - or hate it. But the reason, according to consumer research outfit MyType, is that Apple fans, or iPad owners at any rate, are selfish, unkind people, whereas PC owners are independent geeks.

Do console gamers suck?

It seems as if those lame console gamers just can't keep up with their vastly superior PC counterparts.

Is Sony confusing gamers?

Is Sony confusing gamers by simultaneously promoting the casual Move alongside its more core-oriented 3D titles?