Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC hits July 17th

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb confirms Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC will roll out on July 17 for Xbox Live and the PC.

VIA preps $49 Android bare-bones PC

VIA Technologies is preparing to ship a small neo-ITX bare-bones Android PC priced at an impressively cheap $49.

ARM seeks 10%-20% PC market share by 2015

ARM says it remains on track to claim approximately 10%-20% of the notebook PC market by 2014 or 2015. 

Diablo III goes open beta this weekend

For three days only, Diablo fans will get to test out the newest entry in the heralded Diablo franchise. All that players need is a free account which, if they're into games like Diablo, they more than likely already have.

Commodore + Amiga + Mini = ?

Any geek that has been around since the 80's will remember the Commodore 64 computer. Fortunately, the company is back on the market and recently debuted its first Commodore Amiga in 20 years.

Are iPads ramping past PCs?

Sales of Apple's wildly popular iPad are ramping at an accelerated rate of 156% year over year.

AOC touts Aire monitor for iPhones and iPods

AOC has debuted a new and very cool monitor that will work with your PC or Mac - and also includes a  docking station for an iPhone or iPod.

Tablets jumpstart the PC industry

The tablet category has significantly expanded its role in the lucrative mobile PC market, with shipments hitting 72.7 million units and accounting for 25.5% of mobile PC shipments in 2011.

Windows App Store is on the way

Microsoft has been firming up its answer to Apple's user-friendly and easily navigable platform for digital computer downloads.

Assange relics, sorry, memorabilia up for sale

It's not quite as good as a piece of the True Cross, perhaps, but anybody in the market for a religious icon might like to consider checking out eBay.

Microsoft refuses to eulogize the PC

Microsoft is refusing to eulogize the stalwart PC despite the wild popularity of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

HP ditches webOS, eyes PC spinoff

Hewlett Packard is discontinuing operations for webOS devices, including its failed TouchPad and webOS phones.

Modern Warfare 3 will support dedicated servers

Activision has confirmed that it will be supporting dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 3. 

Qualcomm hopes to make game consoles obsolete

Technology advancement is a path, rather than a destination. Unfortunately, the road is long, rocky and has no speed limit. 

Gamestop takes the convenience out of digital downloads

Gamestop is rolling out a new way to buy PC games but wants you to still come in the store to buy it.

Apple wins in Mac-vs-PC satisfaction study

According to a new report, people who buy a Mac are more satisfied with their purchase and their purchasing experience than Windows PC buyers.

Did the PC kill Hollywood’s archetypal screenwriter?

In the first part of this report for TG Daily, several top Hollywood screenwriters recalled the creative process before the computer age, and at the beginning of it.

NPD says not to blame iPad for slowing PC sales

Research firm NPD is giving everyone a reality check in cause-and-effect.

Think you can multi-task? You can't, say researchers

People who think they can multitask by concentrating on their television as well as their PC are fooling themselves, new research finds.

Skyrim mods could run on consoles

Are you looking forward to some serious Skyrim modding? Well, the good news is that PC generated content currently works on "all the consoles."