Facebook, PayPal like service, Internet quakes, Doomsday clock at 1 second to midnight

It looks like every day Facebook is pushing out something to make sure that everyone is doing everything on Facebook. It's hard to argue the point because the Facebook juggernaut has so much momentum and if you try and stand in front of it you will get crushed. Internets be warned!  

Lab Zero Games has spat with PayPal

Lab Zero Games, which raised over $800,000 online  so they could make more content for indie fighting game Skullgirls, is finding that it is at odds with its unwanted business partner Paypal.

Teenager escapes jail for PayPal hack

The fourth British man to appear in court over the 2010 hack of PayPal has escaped jail, as he was only 16 at the time of the offence.

Hackers deface 300 Pakistani websites

Nearly 300 Pakistani websites were down over the weekend after a hack from a Turkish group called Eboz.

Student denies PayPal cyber-attack

Student Christopher Weatherhead was one of four British hackers to attack PayPal in support of Wikileaks, a court heard yesterday.

Paypal buys credit card scanning startup Card.io

Paypal is looking to expand its presence in the world of mobile payments.

Verifone mobile payments arrive on Android

One of the most established companies in credit card payments is entering mobile payments.

Mobile payments popular among Girl Scouts

Mobile payments have found a somewhat unlikely target demo.

Paypal ups the ante in bug bounty program

Paypal is increasing its budget for security measures.

Here comes Coin, the latest Square rival

Here's what happens when you create a new market.

Paypal to greatly increase in-store presence

Paypal's ability to collect payments in retail stores is about to expand.

TGI Friday's lets you pay with your smartphone

The days of waiting for your check are over.

Square mobile payments reach $5 billion/year

The company that pioneered the idea of turning any smartphone into a credit card reader is continuing to grow.

Google Wallet floundering, company explores options

In an environment where mobile payment technology is getting all the buzz, Google has seen disappointingly poor results.

30% of consumers would switch phones to get NFC

There appear to be two very distinct groups of people when it comes to mobile payments.

Paypal discredits NFC's momentum

Paypal believes that mobile payments are the future, but it doesn't think services like Google Wallet and the mobile joint venture Isis are the answer.

Office Depot begins accepting Paypal

When you get to the cash register, you now have a new option for payment aside from cash, check, or plastic.

Indicted Anon wants Twitter ban lifted

An alleged member of Anonymous - indicted for conducting an online attack against PayPal - has asked a federal judge to allow him back on Twitter.

Antique violin 'smashed on PayPal's orders'

Paypal's been accused of ordering the destruction of a valuable violin after a dispute over its authenticity.

New Yahoo CEO is former Paypal exec

The man tasked with turning Yahoo around in the revolving door that is the company's CEO is Scott Thompson.