Oracle's Ellison earns $3 a second

The CEO of Oracle, dashing Larry Ellison, earned $96.4 million last year and it’s hard to figure out how he can make ends meet.

Intel's Otellini to spend more time with his tulips

It is Paul Otellini’s last day at work today, as he steps down from the role of CEO to spend more time with his family and nurturing tulips in his garden.

Why Paul Otellini shouldn’t step down as Intel CEO

I spend much of my time covering CEOs. While the compensation is often spectacular, the job is a life and family killer and I’ve seen more people worse for the job then better for it. 

Intel resigns itself to a future without the letter "i"

Opinion In his departing notes to shareholders last night, Intel CEO Paul Otellini was remarkably upbeat about a boat that is increasingly beginning to resemble the now famous Itanic.

Intel maintains Ultrabook delusions

Fashion bag maker Intel seems set to go the way of the other fashion outfit, Christian Lacroix.

Intel's Otellini earned $19 million last year

Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini had a rather good year for himself. His total compensation in 2012 increased 8.6 percent to $19 million. However, 2012 was Otellini's last year at Intel and he should be stepping down in a couple of months.

Intel approached Nvidia's CEO

It’s an unlikely thing, we know, but we don’t do April Fool’s jokes. Sources at Intel Santa Clara have assured us that the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsen Huang was approached by headhunters seeking for a replacement for Paul Otellini, who stands down at the chip giant at the end of May.

Intel faces the fact Ultrabooks are too expensive

Opinion The writing was on the wall for Intel-based Ultrabooks well over a year ago.

Intel shilly shallies over CEO spot

Intel has decided that there is no hurry getting itself a nice shiny new CEO, according to the strokers of beards and people in the know at analyst outfit Piper Jaffray. Paul Otellini is being put out to pasture in mid-May and the debate has so far been about if he is to be replaced by an insider or an outsider.

Pat Gelsinger won't return to Intel - official

"Kicking" Pat Gelsinger has ruled out a return to his old haunts at Chipzilla as its new CEO. Now the top bod at VMWare, Gelsinger's name has been touted as a possible candidate to replace Paul Otellini, who retires in May.

Intel CEO Otellini to take early retirement

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has unexpectedly announced that he intends to retire, three years before the mandatory age.

Intel CEO keynote offers nothing concrete

In a largely content-free keynote, Intel's CEO Paul Otellini discussed the chipmaker's plans for the future of the computing industry and the firm's new buzz phrase "the computing continuum."

Intel: We're not interested in buying HP's PC unit

Intel CEO Paul Otellini made short work of a persistent rumor that the chip firm may buy Hewlett Packard's recently spun-off PC unit during a Q&A session at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Google's Andy Rubin makes awkward appearance at IDF

Google's head of Android, Andy Rubin, made what can only be described as a most awkward appearance at Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco today, during CEO Paul Otellini's keynote.

ARM slaps down Intel’s Tri-Gate technology

ARM remains utterly unimpressed with Intel’s recently announced Tri-Gate technology.

Intel invests billions to create American jobs

Intel is investing $8 billion to prep its American facilities for next-gen processing technology.

Is Obama destroying America’s high-tech industry?

Intel CEO Paul Otellini believes the US legal environment under the Obama administration has become openly hostile to business.