Microsoft founder cuts a waxing

No one can say that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has not done a lot with his life. He has been a philanthropist, inventor, investor, cancer survivor and author.

Museum re-lives Microsoft's past

Two Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen have got together to re-create an iconic snap from the early days of the computer.

Google+ membership shows December spurt

Google+ now has more than 62 million registered users and is adding more at the rate of 625,000 a month.

Paul Allen to build private shuttle replacement

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has announced plans to build the world's largest plane in an effort to create a replacement for the retired US space shuttles.

Why SETI is a waste of time

So the Allen Telescope Array is back online, courtesy of the SETI Institute and wealthy American philanthropists like Paul Allen, Larry Niven and Jodie Foster. But here's why SETI is an utter waste of time.

Bill Gates vs. "Idea Man" Paul Allen: the sad autobiography problem

Fortunately, or for some unfortunately, we are nearing the end of numerous careers. Obviously, everyone would like to be remembered as a hero of their own story. 

Paul Allen told to be more precise over patent allegations

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has seen his patent suit against more or less everybody that's ever seen a computer thrown out by a judge.

Paul Allen sues practically everybody over patents

A company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a patent lawsuit against 11 companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook.

Microsoft founders honor 'inventor of PC' Ed Roberts

Ed Roberts, the creator of the world's first personal computer and mentor to Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, has died aged 68.