Barnes & Noble calls for probe into Microsoft's patent tactics

Barnes & Noble asked US regulators to investigate Microsoft on anti-trust grounds this summer, court documents have revealed.

EC to investigate Samsung over FRAND patent abuse

The European Commission has launched an anti-trust investigation into Samsung, over allegations that it's abused FRAND patents as part of its war with Apple.

ITC sides with Apple over HTC patent complaint

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has refused to ban imports of several Apple products following a complaint by HTC.

Samsung calls for EU ban on iPhone and iPad

Following Apple's success in getting Samsung products banned in the EU, Samsung's retaliated by asking a Dutch court to ban Apple's iPads and iPhones too.

Patent trolls cost industry billions

Patent trolls could have cost US businesses as much as $500 billion in stock value over the last 20 years, according to Boston University researchers.

Google snaps up another thousand patents

Google's snaffled another big haul of patents, aiming to bolster Android against its recent legal assaults from Apple.

Google helps HTC ramp up patent suit against Apple

HTC has extended its patent lawsuit against Apple, adding nine patents which it bought from Google last week.

Samsung cites science fiction movies in Apple patent case

Stanley Kubrick invented the iPad, Samsung says, after trawling through science fiction movies to try and defend itself from Apple's copyright lawsuit.

HTC seeks Apple import ban

At this rate, it soon won't be possible to buy a cellphone at all, and we'll all be reduced to tin cans and string.

Google moves to help developers in patent lawsuit

Google's stepped in to try and defend Android developers from patent-holding firm Lodsys, calling for two patents to be reexamined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Google and Microsoft in public spat over patent 'stranglehold'

Google's accusing Apple, Oracle and Microsoft of deliberately pursuing 'bogus' patent claims in order to strangle Android and drive up the cost of Android phones.

Apple succeeds in blocking Aussie sales of Galaxy Tab

Samsung's been forced to delay selling the Australian version of its latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia because of its continuing litigation with Apple.

Apple accuses HTC of infringing more patents

Apple's launched a new series of patent infringement claims against HTC, relating to several Android smartphones and the company's Flyer tablet.

Paul Allen told to be more precise over patent allegations

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has seen his patent suit against more or less everybody that's ever seen a computer thrown out by a judge.

Apple hits back at Motorola with multitouch patent suit

The patent battle between Apple and Android vendors is hotting up, with a new lawsuit from Apple alleging that Mororola has infringed its intellectual property with its touch-screen phones, including the Droid line.

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android patents

Microsoft has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola, accusing it of using its technology in Android phones.

Skyhook accuses Google of interfering in contracts

Skyhook is suing Google, claiming it's infringed patents and interfered with contracts it signed with Motorola and another company believed to be Samsung.

Oracle sues Google over use of Java in Android

In what's set to be one of the biggest-ever patent fights in the tech industry, Oracle has accused Google of infringing several of its Java patents with the development of Android.

Rambus wins latest round in Nvidia patent dispute

Rambus has overcome the latest hurdle in its patent suit against Nvidia, gaining an exclusion order on imports based on three of its patents.

Ebay sued for billions over e-commerce patents

Ebay has been slapped with a massive patent suit which could cost it at least $3.8 billion.