Jury gives mixed verdict in Oracle-Google lawsuit

In a decision that will satisfy nobody, the jury in the Oracle-Google copyright case has concluded that Google did indeed infringe Oracle's Java copyrights - but failed to agree whether Google's actions amounted to 'fair use'.

Motorola wins Xbox 360 patent ruling, pushes for US ban

Motorola's persuaded an International Trade Commission (ITC) judge that Microsoft's Xbox 360 violates four of its patents - and is now pushing for an import ban.

Larry Page 'can't recall' Java licensing talks

Google CEO Larry Page has told a jury his company 'did nothing wrong' by using Java software, acquired by Oracle when it took over Sun Microsystems, in its Android products.

Twitter puts patents in hands of engineers

Twitter's seized the moral high ground by giving control of its patents to its staff, and promising never to become a patent troll.

Android copyright trial starts today

The trial, in San Francisco federal court, is due to start this afternoon or tomorrow, after a deadline passed on Friday for the companies to reach a settlement.

US court says Motorola can't enforce Windows injunction

A US judge has ruled that Motorola won't be able to enforce an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling Windows products in Germany.

Facebook counter-sues Yahoo over patents

Following Yahoo's lawsuit against Facebook last month, Facebook's gone on the counter-attack.

EU to investigate Motorola for patent abuse

The European Commission has opened two formal antitrust investigations against Motorola Mobility, following complaints from Apple and Microsoft.

Facebook's technology's all ours, says Yahoo

Yahoo's suing Facebook over a series of patents, claiming the entire company is built on its technology.

Microsoft linked to firm suing Apple over patents

A company in which Microsoft has a financial interest is suing Apple, claiming it infringes eight wireless communications-related patents.

As facebook IPO looms, Yahoo picks patent fight

Yahoo's reportedly threatening to take legal action unless Facebook starts paying patent licensing fees for several different technologies.

EC and US approve Google/Motorola deal

The European Commission and US Department of Justice have cleared Google's purchase of Motorola.

IBM tops patent application league

Patents are where it's at these days, and for the 19th year in a row IBM is at the top of the pile with 6,180 patents granted during 2011.

Kodak may go bankrupt if patents don't sell soon

Kodak shares have fallen to an all-time low following reports that it may soon be forced to file for bankruptcy protection.

Google bolsters patent stockpile with IBM buy

Google's boosted its growing patent portfolio by buying hundreds more from IBM, which it hopes will help it in its battle to fight off litigation.

Apple patents promise fuel cell-powered laptops

Apple appears to be looking at the possibility of powering notebooks using hydrogen fuel cells - potentially giving them a battery life of weeks.

Motorola violated Microsoft patent, rules judge

The International Trade Commission has ruled that Motorola Mobility did not violate six of seven Microsoft smartphone patents in a decision claimed as a victory by both companies.

BT sues Google claiming widespread patent infringement

The UK's biggest service provider, BT, has become the latest company to sue Google claiming patent infringement.

Reformed pirate sues over nicked ideas

An Australian man who was forced a few years ago to pay $150 million for music piracy is now suing some of the world's biggest tech companies for patent infringement.

Motorola shareholders approve Google merger

Motorola shareholders yesterday voted overwhelmingly in favor of the company's proposed merger with Google.