Small iOS developers hit with patent suit

Several iOS developers have received warning letters from a company called Lodsys, which claims they are violating its patent for in-app software upgrades.

Apple patent reveals future iPod nano specs

A recently discovered patent indicates that Apple may be planning to add a camera and additional sensors to future generations of its multi-touch iPod nano.

Microsoft and Google team up to invalidate GeoTag patent

Billy-Goats Gruff Microsoft and Google have joined forces to defeat so-called patent troll GeoTag, which has sued hundreds of companies for allegedly infringing its patent.

Intel licenses Nvidia tech for a cool $1.5 billion

Chip giant Intel has signed a lucrative, six-year cross-licensing agreement with Nvidia. 

Amazon patents gift exchange system

Amazon's been given a patent for an automated system allowing customers to exchange unwanted gifts before they've even shipped.

Apple beefs up legal team for fight with Nokia

It's boom time for lawyers, with Apple hiring them by the truckload to help it see off Nokia in an intellectual property dispute being heard by the International Trade Commission this week.

Gemalto becomes latest company to sue Google over Android

Security firm Gemalto is suing Google, claiming that its Dalvik virtual machine violates its patents.

Apple eyes low-power LCD displays

Apple has filed a patent application with the USPTO for an advanced LCD display panel that is expected to significantly extend the battery life of mobile devices by consuming less power.

Motorola accuses Apple of patent infringement

Motorola - once a stalwart Apple ally - is now accusing the Cupertino-based company of unlawfully infringing a number of its patents.

Apple challenges massive patent award

Apple's attempting to overturn what would be one of the biggest patent damages awards ever, potentially costing it over $625 million.

Paul Allen sues practically everybody over patents

A company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a patent lawsuit against 11 companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook.

RIM files patent for rotatable keyboard

RIM may be working on a version of the Blackberry with a pull-out, rotating keyboard.

Apple patent could herald an 'iMac touch'

Apple may be developing an 'iMac Touch', a touchscreen machine that flips between touch and pen input - and the appropriate OSs - depending on the movements of the user.

Apple aims to patent kill switch for jailbreakers

Apple's continuing in its efforts to dictate exactly what its products are used for by applying for a patent on a way to prevent iPhone and iPod users from jailbreaking their devices.

Frontier aims to silence Google Voice

As Google Voice launches across the US, a Connecticut firm is accusing Google of violating one of its patents with the new service.

Microsoft sues over patents, for a change

Microsoft is suing for patent infringement relating to customer relationship management (CRM) software - the heart of Salesforce's business.

Microsoft pays up in VPN lawsuit

Microsoft has agreed to pay VirnetX Holding $200 million to settle a patent dispute over virtual private network (VPN) technology.

HTC calls for iPhone ban

HTC has filed a patent infringement complaint against Apple with the US International Trade Commission, just two months after Apple filed a suit of its own against HTC.

i4i wins patent battle against Microsoft - again

The US Patent and Trademark Office has confirmed the validity of an i4i patent that was disputed by Microsoft.

Microsoft says Android phones infringe its patents

Microsoft has laid claim to aspects of Google's Android operating system, signing a patent deal with cellphone maker HTC.