Slide-to-unlock is 'obvious', rules Apple patent judge

Apple's lost the battle over its 'slide to unlock' patent in the UK, with a High Court judge ruling that it's invalid.

US judge halts Galaxy Tab sales

Apple's succeeded in persuading a US judge to ban imports and sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.21 tablet, in the latest stage of the long-running patent dispute between the two companies.

Victory for Google in Android patent case

Jurors have sided with Google in its long-running patent battle with Oracle, saying Android doesn't infringe on Oracle patents.

Microsoft patents wearable controller for gaming

Microsoft has landed a new patent for a video game controller based on wearable electromyography (EMG) technology.

RIM, Samsung sued... over emoticons

Well, they must have thought, why not? Everybody else is suing left right and center, why shouldn't we?

Apple patent application showcases 3D interface

A new Apple patent application has been spied that outlines some really cool ideas Cupertino may be considering for future user interfaces.

Apple wins 'slide-to-unlock' patent ruling against Motorola

Apple's won a patent ruling against Motorola relating to the 'slide-to-unlock' smartphone feature.

Eolas fails to patent the web

Well, it was always a rather ambitious patent claim, and Eolas's attempt to, in essence, patent the interactive web has failed.

Microsoft and Google make patent promises

Microsoft is promising that it will negotiate to license patents, rather than resorting to the courts - in a barely-disguised stab at Google, which made its own patent promises yesterday too.

Legislators question Facebook over tracking patent

Anyone who follows the tech world knows many granted patents are for software, hardware or methods that will never actually come to market.

HTC faces US smartphone ban

HTC has been ordered to withdraw Android phones from the US market, following a ruling from the International Trade Commission that the company's violating a patent held by Apple.

Google wins patent for self-driving cars

Google's won a patent relating to driverless cars, showing just how close to widespread acceptance the technology is.

Apple wins 'slide-to-unlock' patent

Android vendors will need to brace themselves for another battle, thanks to a patent granted to Apple yesterday.

Patent reform bill passed

The Senate has passed a patent reform bill that marks the biggest change to the patent process in decades.

ITC to review Apple's latest complaint against HTC

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) says it plans to investigate Apple's latest patent complaint against HTC, potentially leading to HTC product imports being frozen.

Microsoft, Google and AOL face mapping patent fight

An obscure Louisiana company is having a pop at Google, Microsoft and AOL for allegedly infringing its 3D mapping patent.

Apple pays up for disputed Nokia patents

After an eighteen-month battle, Apple's finally caved in and agreed to pay Nokia license fees covering two wireless phone patents.

Apple moves to support developers in patent fight

Apple's stepped in to try and defend iOS developers that have been targeted by patent-holder Lodsys.

Supreme Court upholds patent ruling against Microsoft

The Supreme Court yesterday rejected Microsoft's appeal against a $290 million patent suit brought by i4i.

Lodsys goes ahead with patent suits

Lodsys has delivered on its threat to sue iOS developers it believes is violating its patents, and has filed suit against seven companies.