Sony patent details EyePad controller

Patent applications can be very interesting to peruse as they often foreshadow advanced technology that will appear in future devices.

Apple eyes wearable computing platforms

Apple is constantly filing detailed patents to cover various products and safeguard advanced technology. 

Apple patent outlines laser-powered depth perception system

A recently discovered patent application outlines an Apple-designed system that uses lasers and image sensors to facilitate a sense of depth perception.

Google's Project Glass eyes virtual keyboard control

One of the most interesting projects to emerge from Google's Mountain View HQ in recent years is the slick Project Glass wearable computer.

Apple wants to democratize iOS development

Typically, if you want to develop an application for the iPhone or iPad (iOS) you need to be a programmer. If you're not a programmer, your only other option is to hire a developer.

Apple wants a universal remote

An interesting new patent application filed by Apple in September 2011 has surfaced.

Apple patent hits at future 3D motion control

Over the past few years, the mobile touch interface has revolutionized both smartphones and tablets.