Oracle releases fix for Java flaw - but it may not be enough

Oracle has moved quickly to release a patch for a major security flaw in Java, after the Department of Homeland Security advised users to disable or remove the software.

DayZ mod a collaborative effort

The recent DayZ mod "half-done" patch represents a collaborative effort between devs and the DayZ community.

Four in ten Americans threatened by IE zero-day flaw

Microsoft is warning users of a new zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer that could affect hundreds of millions of people.

Asphalt 7 patch shifts Android gaming into overdrive‚Ä®

Asphalt 7 is a mobile game for Android and iOS that allows players to drive 60 different sports cars, including vehicles design by Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

Trojan infects more than half a million Macs

More than 600,000 Apple Macs - half of them in the US - are believed to be infected with the Flashback trojan.

McAfee glitch turns customers' PCs into spambots

McAfee says it's fixed a problem with its SaaS Total Protection software that was allowing users' PCs to be turned into spam servers.

Apple iOS update patches PDF security hole

Apple has released an iOS update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that patches a security flaw related to viewing PDF files in the mobile Safari web browser.

Google rolls out patch to fix leaky Android phones

Google is implementing a patch to fix a "ClientLogin" vulnerability that could enable cyber criminals to view or edit contact info on Android smartphones not running version 2.3.4 (Gingerbread). 

Google responds to Android app licensing hack

Google has responded to a claim that Android Market apps can be easily hacked, patched and stripped of their licensing protection.

Chrome gets patched, digital bounty hunters get paid

Google patches Chrome while digital bounty hunters collect the big bucks.

Microsoft issues emergency out-of-band patch

Microsoft has issued an emergency out-of-band update to patch a critical Windows security vulnerability that is being actively exploited by malware.

AT&T pledges to improve iPhone 4 data transfer rates

AT&T is attempting to placate irate iPhone 4 owners by pledging to fix a software defect responsible for slowing data transfer rates.

Unrevoked roots HTC Droid Incredible

The Unrevoked dev team has managed to successfully root the super-resistant HTC Droid Incredible. 

Windows XP security advisory warns of zero-day glitch

Microsoft today issued a security advisory to Windows XP users saying that a glitch in Internet Explorer makes it possible for malicious users to craft code that would produce a fake Windows help file.