Anonymous rolls out PasteBin alternative

Anonymous and the People's Liberation Front (PLF) have rolled out a "safe and secure" PasteBin alternative.

Pastebin to police itself for illegal content

The owner of Pastebin - long used by hackers to dump leaked data - has said he plans to start hiring staff to examine the site for dodgy content.

United Nations website gets hacked

A hacker who infiltrated the United Nations (UN) website has posted a list of potential network security vulnerabilities along with a detailed "map" of the organization's internal database on Pastebin.

Leaked data points to Sino-cyber espionage ring

A massive Pastebin dump of domain names and IP addresses appears to be linked to a Sino-cyber espionage ring.

News International apologizes over stolen reader data

Sun reader data harvested in a hacking attack earlier this month has been posted on Pastebin.

Sony BMG pwned as database dumped

A hacker known as "b4d_vipera" recently managed to breach the website of Sony BMG in Greece,
 uploading a database to which included the real names and email addresses of users registered on